The entire universe is propelled through the energy of a living field of intelligence of which everything and everyone is an integral part. All life in our system of worlds exists within this infinitely expanding intelligence, which we might refer to as Prime Creator, God, or Absolute Source.

This consciousness field of source intelligence also incarnates into physical reality. It embodies as a living, breathing and thinking entity, individualized within each human soul’s formed expression. This supremely intelligent presence is the source point for every single person. It is the central essence of one’s being, the God within.

It explains why we, as humans who are made in the image and likeness of this all-pervasive transcendent field, can create from within our own microcosm and simply through the mechanism of thought.

When words are used like the greater self, higher mind, the atman and our multidimensional nature, all of these big identities converge and meld into an inclusive whole. This wholeness is a unique expression of pure awareness, or “presence” that is outwardly reflecting into the world of matter.

This presence is absolutely divine, no matter what form it takes. It is an all-pervading, intelligent and loving force of benevolent energy within and throughout all manifested creation. This Divine Presence is our source of life.

We each have an individualized Divine Presence, which guides our life both as a sovereign being and a unified whole. It is within us and is who we really are as a totality of consciousness. We are divinity in the form, each and every single person on this planet. We are all part of this great Divine Presence as one being, rhythmically pulsing.

The idea of a personal Divine Presence can be defined as the non-physical component of your human embodiment that serves as a conduit to all other versions and dimensions of your one total and very vast self. The all-inclusive Divine Presence, housed within you, is the intermediary that distills information from the spiritual realms in a way that your personality can understand. It functions like a translator, relaying higher dimensional information to you in a way that it can be more readily deciphered and applied.

This is your voice of conscience that reveals through your personality when you are in attunement with its inspiring influence. What you receive and how you receive is directly linked to your phase of evolutionary development.

In truth…You are a unique spark of light that permanently resides within the vast body called God awareness, the intelligence of all existence. You are an aspect of this creation field experiencing itself in a physical form.Wholeness resides within you. You have never ever been separated. This is impossible.

This pathway you are now upon is fundamentally called, “the great awakening”. This ultimately leads into a grounded and practical emergence of the embodied state of divine immanence.

To be operating from a state of divine immanence is to know, without any fiber of doubt, that the omnipresent nature of God permeates all aspects of your life. You can learn how to maneuver within these potent currents and give high levels of outer service.

What is God? Well, that idea is yours to define. One thing is for certain. God, as your divine macrocosmic parent, gives you a template to match. You are made in its image and likeness.

In this phase of your evolutionary leap, your microcosmic human is going macro. This is continual expansion into bigger and bigger expressions of you, as a great radiant being. This is what self-actualization is all about. You are making a grand return to the realization of your truer, greater self.

You have never lost this realization; it has simply been covered up in the layers of maya from the density of physical incarnation. Maya is another word for illusion. This illusion is the game and what God, expressing through your unique channel, obviously wants to experience.

It is, however, the interpenetration of this divine essence and activity within you that inspires you with the burning passion to experience the mystery that lies beyond the veil of human illusion.

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