Uoleva Island ~ Tonga ~ South Pacific Paradise
September 7 ~ 18, 2020



In this 10-day retreat, we are swimming with the Humpback Whales to receive the transforming harmonics from these ancient Record Keepers. This is a blessed opportunity to activate your greater gifts and sacred destiny.

Come and receive the codes of the Cetaceans!

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  • The whales are highly evolved Cetacean beings who are anchoring the exquisite crystalline light in the oceans of our ascending planet.

    They are of the most immense, divinely intelligent and physically powerful creatures on the planet… yet they are also among the most gentle.

    We are venturing to a tropical island paradise in the beautiful South Pacific to intimately commune with the migrating Humpback Whales.

    We will swim every day in the Tonga’s warm azure waters to humbly receive the codes of knowledge from these ancient Record Keepers.

    Its guaranteed to be a life altering experience, all intended to deeply inspire your creative expression and expansion into timeless dimensions.


“During this rare and unforgettable experience, we maintain highest respect for the pristine environment and these gentle giants that we are so blessed to commune.”

Tiara Kumara, Facilitator


Venturing well off the beaten path, our destination is the Ha’apai islands group in the Kingdom of Tonga, a superb tropical backdrop for this life changing experience.

  • Our whale swim adventure takes place in the Kingdom of Tonga and its Ha’apai group of islands.

    This is an exquisite playground for Humpback Whales and one of the largest nurseries in the South Pacific for Humpbacks to give birth due to the numerous natural protection areas and reefs that provide a safe area to raise the calves.

    We are staying on the very remote Uoleva Island, a true South Pacific paradise with white sandy beaches, a teeming reef full of marine life and swaying palm trees. This island can only be accessed by boat and there are no roads or stores.

  • It is here that we will completely unwind and disconnect from the world as we dive deep into communion with Divine Presence and our Cetacean family.

    We will be in Tonga during peak whale swimming season, which runs from mid July to mid October. Tonga is one of two places in the world where we are allowed to safely swim with these gentle giants.

    Each year the Humpback Whales migrate from Antarctica to Tonga to give birth to their young and raise them in the warm, protected waters before returning home.

  • We are staying at Uoleva Island in lower Ha’apai, Tonga… a true South Pacific paradise.

  • We swim with full snorkel gear off shore in the open ocean.

  • Our boat operators, Ha’apai Whale and Sail, is the longest operating whale watching/swimming business in Ha’apai with fully certified skippers and professional whale encounter guides.

    We have the boat reserved for every day that we are on Uoleva Island. With all of our snorkel gear, eight people will embark on each boat outing and only four at a time are permitted in the water with the whales.

    The retreat includes four full boat days per participant during this whale swim immersion. Extra days are available at an additional cost.

    All participants will know how to snorkel and are required to bring their own leak proof mask, snorkel, fins and a lightweight wetsuit.

  • We are housing in an Eco Retreat, an “off the grid” boutique resort that focuses on wellness, adventure, rest and relaxation… all with the lightest possible footprint on its revered island.

    It boasts to be located on the “best beach in Tonga”, with calm seas that are perfect for swimming, watching the sea turtles or snorkeling in the multitude of reefs in the nearby bay.

    It is not uncommon to see the whales breach right in front of our beachfront accommodations!

  • Eco Retreat Owners, Clint and Maria Cantrell originally from New Zealand.

  • We are sleeping in very comfortable fales (Tongan for house) of either spacious safari style tent units on platforms or larger wooden fales.

    Our group will be 12 adventurers and most all of us will be sharing accommodations with one or two others. We each will sleep, however, in our own bed, either queen or twin size.

    All accommodations include quality mattresses and bedding, a private bathroom with hot water showers, composting toilets, and solar powered lighting.

    Every fale has a stunning view of the sea all the while keeping cool within the shade of a coconut forest. Imagine!

    Our stay at this eco-retreat is far from roughing it. You will be impressed with its luxurious comfort while keeping true to a minimal footprint and being absolutely disconnected from the grid.

    This includes the tasty, tantalizing fresh food and fruit including vegetables and herbs picked daily from their hydroponic/organic garden.

  • Together with the whale swimming, other complimentary activities are offered including Shore Snorkeling, Kayaking and Standup Paddle Boarding.

    For Scuba Diving lovers, this incredible activity can be arranged at an additional cost. Needless to say, diving in the Ha’apai Islands is exceptional. The water clarity is excellent and the large number of reefs are abundant with fascinating sea life.

    Massage therapy is also offered to sustain your bliss!

  • There are stand up paddle boards, kayaks, shore snorkeling and even Scuba Diving.

  • We will share our many special moments around the sacred fire.

  • During our evenings, we will have so much fun sitting in sacred circle around our many beach bonfires while sharing about our experiences and insightful wisdom.

    We have also planned a spectacular Tongan Feast to celebrate an exceptional and deeply sacred experience… all supported by an authentic Polynesian mix of genuine hospitality, active adventure and blissful relaxation.

Whale energy transference can affect you to such a degree that you are sincerely altered, forever.

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  • The whales have been gracing our oceans for millions of years. Their consciousness is of an ancient and timeless lineage and one that is helping to hold the balance of light for the Earth.

    One of their roles, as a great vibrational steward of light and sound for the oceanic body, is to open portals and gateways that bridge the Earth to the cosmic realms.

    To be in their radiatory field is indescribably so profound that it is not uncommon to start shaking, crying and releasing the moment that their immense energy is felt or their primordial sound is heard. It brings back such deep remembrance of our origins, and, of oneness.

    Just by being in their very presence, we are able to activate more of our truer self and eternal nature. Whale energy transference can affect you to such a degree that you are sincerely altered, forever.

    As starseeds and cosmic bridgers, many of us are intimately connected with Cetacean energy because this powerful vibration comes to us primarily from the Sirian star system. Many of us have aspects of self on Sirius and also those that are incarnated as whale and dolphin.