New Year Rhythms with Tiara Kumara

This is the inspiration behind the 2019 Rites of Passage initiations.

This new year upon us is one that brings opportunity for a final “laying in” of the energetic foundation for our next big influx of sweeping energy that will affect every person on the planet… a cosmic quickening to the likes we have never experienced. Throughout all of 2019, we are preparing for this elevation into the next octave of human consciousness on a collective scale.

Our entry into this new octave is going to help us understand, in much greater clarity, the meaning behind the powerful ability of an enlightened collective. This means the powerful ability that we have! This is speaking into our ability, though the interweaved, attuned consciousness, and what we can do to trigger enormous shifts in the masses and also societal systems.

It is by divine decree that the awakened ones  who walk this Earth during these accelerating times will fulfill the prophecy of the “Second Coming”. The dramatic difference this time around is that this holy magnificence is being realized as a collective frequency, a ‘Group Avatar’ of invincible influence.

Most of us have been preparing all our lives to go the distance in this sacred quest. The time is now and the gates have opened even wider to manifest our highest dreams and visions.

This is going to be one expansive year beloved Avatars so gather your ability to focus as you… rise to meet your destiny!

This is the inspiration behind the 2019 Rites of Passage initiations.

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