A containing, telepathic matrix will be anchored around you and the group as a whole. This will be a magnetic field that bubbles you throughout the entire four months.

The highest purpose of this supporting field of energy is to assist your integration of the teachings and all that you will be opening into. Most importantly, you will receive a live example of divine channeling in action.


As your guide, I will communicate with you multidimensionally. This will come in the form of a magnetic current coming to you during this course. This current will mirror many reflections from the teachings and your higher sensory development.

This energy current will only intersect and interact with your personal energy grid from a matching resonance and the principle of ‘like attracts like’. In other words, the more consciously engaged you are with your development, the more that my rays of support will be able to find you.

This will not be an overwhelming stimulation or life interference; rather it will come to you in a way that is gentle, operating from the realm of subtle vibration. I am working with you soul-to-soul while assisting the personality to feel safe. This will involve consistent yet subtle transmissions of light and the sending of telepathic messages. You might experience this in your dreams, your intuition, ringing in

the ears or thought and feeling downloads. It could just be a soft nudge in an area of resistance. You may also experience clearings and releases. You might even sense my presence or see me in your visions.

My main intention is to uphold the field of intention in this coursework and upon the development of your expanded abilities. It is to always regard me as a reflection to what you are creating and drawing forth. I am merely serving as a bridge to your higher mind. I am here to reinforce that connection.

The idea is to remain consciously attuned to the magnetic and telepathic bubble in which you are contained, all throughout this four-month training. Observe any unusual messages and impressions from our merged field of intention. This is a group endeavor and you might also feel the presence of other people. It is going to be really fun.

For everyone who is interested to have this level of support, the containing matrix will be anchored during your very first activation session. This is the class, Multidimensional Intelligence, part I. If you prefer to not have this type of energetic support, then just say no and do not attend the activation.