The Island of Bali

May 10~19, 2018

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  • The very special island of Bali reflects a highly refined and diversely rich culture that recognizes the Divine Presence in every aspect of their life and community.

    Known as the “Island of the Gods”, this mystical Indonesian destination is the spectacular backdrop for our highly rejuvenating spiritual odyssey.

    We are deeply nourishing body, mind and soul while reconnecting to our true self as a transcendent expression of profound beauty and peace.

    This is a combination spiritual activation and wellness retreat that provides luscious opportunity for whole body rejuvenation and renewal.

    We are rebirthing our bliss!

“It is the overwhelming beauty of the Bali Spirit that can offer us something so special and unique that no other place on Earth can compare. It is an exquisite, fulfilling radiance that imbues every cell.”

Tiara Kumara, Facilitator


Mount Batur is one of the four primary sacred mountains in Bali and believed to be the dwelling place of Lord Brahma, the God of Creation.

  • A most gracious invitation is extended to those who are feeling called to greatly deepen into spiritual alignment with your Divine Presence and inner source of creative inspiration.

    During this 10-day program, we are immersing ourselves in the Balinese culture of “tri hita karana”, which embodies highest harmony with the divine, humankind and nature.

    Our greater spiritual openings are supported through a ‘transcendence’ inspired program that offers ceremonial blessings, purification ritual, sacred site excursions, group process in addition to rejuvenation treatments.

  • Rejuventation and Renewal

    Our home is heavenly hillside resort offering an abundant palate of world class health and well being programs. These cover a wide range of spa amenities, ayurvedic treatments and restoration programs.

    We are working with each participant to implement a custom program for personal rebirth and ultimate spiritual acceleration.

    The itinerary has been designed to give highest priority to your personal empowerment intention.

    This can include intentions such as spiritual acceleration, phases of self realization, cleansing/detox, energy balancing, yoga/meditation, and other deep restorative processes.

  • A Premier Rainforest Oasis

    Our home for ten days is BAGUS JATI, Bali’s premier Health and Wellbeing Spa Retreat, offering the true spirit and grace of Asian inspired traditional healing.

    Its biggest draw is the epic setting. It is situated on a hillside amongst lush gardens, a river and tropical forests… all in the mountains of Ubud, Bali’s spiritual and cultural mecca.

    Its architecture is exquisite. All has been designed around natural beauty to help the guest awaken by feeling nurtured in natural beauty.

    Their infinity pool overlooks the “Valley of Enchantment” where the Jati River and a waterfall provide a private location for meditation.

    The restaurant uses organic fruit and vegetables grown on the premises and offers plenty of vegan and gluten free options. All vegetables are organically grown on the property, observing strict ecological principles.

    Spa and Wellness Treatments

    Their Health and Wellness Program is totally focused on the individual guest. As part of our program, we have unlimited use of the herbal steam baths, jacuzzi, pool and gym. We also each receive a Balinese style massage.

    You will be able to customize your own program from a large menu of treatments.

    * Thermal and Hydrotherapy
    * Massage Therapies
    * Facials and other Salon Services
    * Rejuvenation and Healing Treatments
    * Ayurvedic Treatments (Ayervedic Doctor available)
    * Scheduled classes and daily activities

    Our Accommodations

    We are sleeping in free standing Chalets, a two story Balinese “Lumbung” style house. Each chalet has two large bedrooms with each having a cozy outside terrace looking into the forest and with a river down below.

    Our group will be housed in 5 rooms twin sharing and 5 single rooms with King beds.

  • Blessings, Ceremony & Ritual

    The Balinese regard all aspects of their life as a sacred offering and continually celebrate through their many colorful ceremonies, blessings and rituals.

    We will engage in many sacred activities to further support our spiritual transcendence.

    This includes a “Melukut” water purification ceremony, a Agni Hotra Fire Ceremony and a group ceremonial blessing by a Balinese Priest at the Mother Temple Besakih.

  • Sacred Site Excursions

    Bali is an island rich in spiritual heritage. Its Hindu-Balinese philosophy conceives of the universe, and all within it, as an equilibrium between good and bad forces.

    It is an island filled with tens of thousands of temples and sacred sites that are all connected and radiating powerful spiritual energy.

    Some of these holy places date back to the 11th century and the entire region is known to be in the frequency signature of the ancient continent of Lemuria and its coded footprints.

    It is this reason why Bali is an incredible place for spiritual initiation and transformational processes.

    Our journey takes us to some important sacred sites that are imbued with strong Divine energy, including active volcanoes and ancient temple complexes.

  • Group Sharing and Process

    We are each others greatest teachers and reflections, especially when participating in this type of transformative program and spiritual initiation.

    A very high level of group coherence will be established and maintained throughout the entire retreat program.

    We are intimately sharing every day, either through early morning sadhana or during evening gatherings in our temple room.

    Intimacy, vulnerability and transparency are integral components of this program.

  • Planetary Service

    The highest purpose of this group endeavor is to self actualize levels of spiritual transcendence. Transcendence means to go beyond our self and to rise above the ordinary limits of our consciousness.

    “To transcend” is to make a lasting shift in the perceptual awareness. This shift upgrades our vibrational resonance and becomes a personal code of accomplishment.

    With everyone self actualizing levels of transcendence, we will be a very influential group channel of these new consciousness codes.

    At the culmination of our great, transformative work, we will help facilitate a global “Oneness Transmission” event. As a group, we will transfer out our codes of self realization to and through the planetary Crystalline Grid, to be received by all humanity.


  • We will experience the Balinese culture of “tri hita karana”, harmony between the divine, humankind and nature.

  • May 10

    * Check in
    * Group Orientation (4 pm)
    * Balinese Blessing and Opening Ceremony

  • We undergo Melukut, a spiritual cleansing ritual to achieve self purification, both body and soul.

  • May 11

    * Morning Sadhana with meditation
    * Melukut Water Purification Ceremony
    * Spa & Wellness Programs
    * Group Sharing and Process

  • The Jatiluwih Terraces are stunningly beautiful and appointed as a UNESCO World Heritage.

  • May 12

    * Excursion to Tabanan
    * Jatiluwih Rice Terraces
    * Pura Ulun Danu Bratan Temple
    This temple one of Bali’s most photographed and iconic temples that is dedicated to Shiva and the Water Goddess, Dewi Danu.
    * Group Sharing and Process

  • Our Agni Hotra Fire Ceremony is a high Vedic ritual lead by a Balinese Priest

  • May 13

    * Morning Sadhana with meditation
    * The day is dedication to your personal Spa and Wellness Program
    * Evening ‘Agni Hotra Fire Ceremony’
    * Group Sharing and Process


  • Gunung Kawai Temple, one of the oldest and most remarkable archaeological temple complexes in Bali

    The elephant cave is an architectural wonder devoted to Hindu God Ganesha.

  • May 14

    * Excursion to Valley of the Kings, the heart of ancient Bali where its rich culture and traditions were born

    * Goa Gajah Elephant Cave (Ganesha)

    * Gunung Kawai Temple

    * Holy springs of Tirta Empul,
    The waters are believed to have curative properties and created by Indra, the king of the gods.

    * Experiencing UBUD (temples, Monkey Forest and shopping)

    * Group Sharing and Process


  • The spirit of Asian inspired traditional healing will add beauty and grace to your wellness program.

  • May 15

    * Morning Sadhana
    * The day is dedication to your personal Spa and Wellness Program
    * Group Sharing and Process


  • We rise early to trek to the top of the active volcano, Mt. Batur, as we fill our mind and soul with its holy vibration.

  • May 16

    * Unforgettable sunrise climb to top of Mt. Batur
    * Sacred volcano exploration
    * Soak in the natural Hot Springs
    * Group Sharing and Process


  • Our morning sadhana, or spiritual practice, features meditation, yoga and intimate group sharing.

  • May 17

    * Morning Sadhana
    * The day is dedication to your personal Spa and Wellness Program
    * Group Sharing and Process

  • The active volcano Mt. Agung is considered to be the holiest mountain in Bali and a dwelling of the gods, specifically Mahadewa, the supreme manifestation of Lord Shiva.

    Besakih, is the most important, largest and holiest temple of Bali’s Hindu religion. (central nodal point of the island’s unified consciousness grid)

  • May 18

    * Excursion to Mt. Agung (Eruption Permitting!)

    * Visit the Mother Temple Besakih on the slopes of Mt. Agung (with group ceremonial blessing and activation by a Balinese Priest)

    * Group meditation on Mt. Agung

    * Lunch at Tirta Gangga Water Palace
    (a former royal palace and a site of great reverence for the Hindu Balinese)

    * Group Sharing and Process

    * Farewell Dinner

  • Blessings of transcendent bliss!

  • May 19

    * Global Oneness Transmission
    * Closing Ceremony
    * Checkout (12 noon)

application & details


Tiara and Athena co-facilitated the Amazon Expedition in 2017 while using this same “Transcendence” theme. They successfully guided 18 participants on a pivotal life changing journey of great self revelation. This exciting program was coalesced around a 5-step template of holistic transformation that proved to be highly effective due to its grounded practicality in daily life.

This same template will be used in the Bali “Spiritual Transcendence Retreat” to help you powerfully align to your true self as a transcendent expression of profound beauty and peace.

Tiara Kumara, Program Initiator & Guide

Tiara is a spiritual teacher, author, healer and visionary pioneer whose soul purpose is to assist humanity’s shift into unity consciousness. Her global work and educational offerings have profoundly assisted many lives in spiritual awakening and consciousness transformation.

Tiara has been greatly involved in supporting activation of the planetary Crystalline Grid, a higher dimensional communication pathway for awakening souls. She develops and directs global ‘Oneness Transmissions’ and has trained thousands of people in mass scale energy transference.

Creator of the Bali retreat, Tiara is serving as your energetic catalyst while holding the rod of initiation to safely and lovingly guide you into deep transformative processes.

She is the founder of I AM Avatar and Children of the Sun Foundation. Full Bio Here

Athena Melchizedek Sananda, Program Processor

Athena is a teacher of evolutionary leadership based in unity consciousness and offers programs of personal mastery and management of the human energy field.

One of her greatest skills is personal and group ‘process work’, with ability to assist people into greater self realization and vibratory states.

Author of “THE QUANTUM KEYS: Unlock Your Energetic Intelligence”, she is an internationally experienced business consultant, transformation facilitator, mentor and energy practitioner specializing in remote transmission.

During the Bali retreat, Athena is serving as your program mentor to assist your transcendent journey while guiding you through deep phases of clearing and release.

application & details