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Meditations for Spiritual Activations


  • Activating Supreme Abundance

    jaqYou embody the code of supreme abundance. To fully activate this code is to align with divine principle and your greater self expression. (30 min) $9.99

  • Kundalini Rising

    jaqThis exercise helps you to activate the fiery life force energy within that bestows greater levels of spiritual knowledge and mystical vision. $9.99

  • Pineal Rapture

    reflectThis audio greatly stimulates the energetic potentials within the pineal gland’s crystalline structures. You are rebirthing this inner eye. (30 min) $9.99

  • Recoding Your DNA

    I-am-creatorThis is ‘self empowered’ DNA Activation. You are recoding your nucleotide sequences through intimate communion with your chemical bonds.
    (30 min.) $9.99

  • Light Body Activation

    omnipresence-b copy 2Living light is the crystalline matrix of God in your biological form. You are activating this body of light through your expanding awareness. (30 min) $9.99

  • Self Actualizing ESP

    bodyThis is a potent audio activator that helps build the bridge into multidimensional mind so that you can perceive beyond the body bound senses. (30 min) $9.99

  • Morphogenetic Repatterning

    omnipresence-b copy 2This audio helps you to move into a new morphogenetic field with the qualities of timeless awareness and a more sustainable and simultaneous life matrix. (30 min) $9.99

  • Activating the Omnipresent Self

    omnipresence-b copy 2This transmission transports you to a place beyond thought and into the coherence of your Greater Being, the matrix of collective mind. (30 min) $9.99

  • Optimal Biological Resonance

    reflectYou are recalibrating your energy body into the optimal frequency of your heart and brainwave rhythms while empowering biological feedback. (30 min) $9.99