lesson 1 ~ Service as a divine channel


Today’s class shares ideas about what it takes to serve as a Divine Channel. This will give a big picture overview of what this course is all about.

We are advancing into greater levels of outer service. To be motivated by service is the natural progression of evolution of the human soul. Once we are free from attachment to the human identity, and once we are no longer controlled by the senses, we can more easily see the illusion that the world really is. It is then that we are elevated to be in this world but not of it.

To be ‘in service’ is all that really remains as the one and true mission of our evolving natures. Service becomes our single most motivating factor in life, which gives back tremendous fulfillment. Service is the soul’s purpose.



Please watch the video of this class, located above.


From the course book, please read:

Chapter 9

* Rising in Service as a Divie Channel
* Qualities of a Divine Channel


There is no guided meditation for this first lesson.

FYI: The meditations will being with Lesson 2. Two audio meditations are given out per Skillset. These audios can be accessed when you are in that particular week of your classes. (They are not given all at once.)


The activation for this class module will take place this Saturday at 11 am ET for 30 minutes. If you cannot make this time, please sit in meditation any time on this day after 11:30 am, ET (New York). 

The 1st activation is an important one as it gives a thorough cleaning of your energetic field to bolster your vibrational alignment and preparedness for this four-month development. Please try to make it to the session this Saturday. If this is too quick and you cannot make the first session, no worries. The cleaning will take place in combination with your 2nd activation.