Our Next  Session of Empowerment:


Main Transmission: December 9, 2018

Embodiment Class: December 11, 2018


PREVIEW ~ December Session

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  • This next transmission helps you to ground and embody the very simple truths of your existence. To consistently live by these principles can elevate your life experiences into the supreme beatitude of being.

How to Receive the Empowerment Session

These are session of remote energy transference. You go into meditation in a quiet place and we are channeling the energy to you. (This is not an audio recording.)

* Choose a quiet space where you will be uninterrupted for this 30-minute session.

* Before the session starts, please ground and prepare your body to receive. (Bathe is recommended.)

* Sit or lie down comfortably and enter meditative space.

* Attune to the Divine Presence and the totality of your greater self… then affirm your intentions for desired change and then go into meditative state.

* If you have music or are listening to an audio, please keep it soft and gentle. The idea is to quiet the mind and body and attune to the incoming frequencies.

* Keep coming back to the gentleness of your breath while affirming your sacred intention for this session.

(3) Session Times ~ Attend one or do them all

  • New York ~ 8am, 3pm, 8pm

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    Participate in one or all times to receive this session and as this correlates with your home time zone. We do not need to know your chosen time because the Facilitators actually transfer to you at all of these times.

    Optional Time!

    Any hour after New York, 8am

    If you cannot make the coordinated times, you may receive this transference any hour after our very first session, which is New York at 8 am. The live energy is sustained in a 24 hour window and you can do this at your own time.

    The energetic signature of the transmission is also encoded in the session audio. This audio is sent to all participants the day following the session.

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    Session’s Guided Audio

    The energetic signature of the transmission is  encoded into a guided audio meditation. This audio is sent to all participants the day following the session.

How to Receive the Embodiment Class

  • Please download the latest version of
    ZOOM to your computer. It is free.

  • Class Times: 4 pm and 9 pm New York

    This is a 90-minute group process that is held two days after the Session of Empowerment.

    This interactive group process is a video conference and takes place through ZOOM. We will send you the appropriate call link to join the class.

    Ravindra’s integration: TWO CLASSES at 4pm and 9 pm, same time as New York.

    Time Clock Conversion

    ZOOM LINK: If you have registered for the “Integration”, you will receive the Zoom Meeting Link in your email when we get close to the event.

    IF  YOU MISS A CLASS: If you miss the integration class, know that you will receive a follow up recording.