Your spiritual radiance is a form of vibrational medicine within the unified field of interconnected energy. It is a living remedy empowered by your divine alignment and coherence with the unified field.

When you have reached this stage of conscious evolution, it really does not matter what techniques are employed because they all work. Mistakes cannot be made. You have raised your vibration to the level of being able to shift the energy fields of others through your sacred intention alone. Accomplished results are even more dramatically when there is a willing receiver on the other end.

Whether you are a healer, teacher, business executive or bricklayer, you can radiate divine love in everything that you do. Choose your unique expression and methodology, and thrive! This is how you are being used.

God is in control and you are simply serving as an instrument, according to the highest good of the person or object of your service.

Rather than thinking you must acquire the latest and greatest modalities and resources to have at your disposal, you can choose to leave all of the tools and techniques at the door. You can even modify your approach into a much easier one to conserve energy output.

Once you are able to sustain your vibration with the love of your Divine Presence, your entire energy field naturally becomes a useful channel. The divine flows through you no matter if you serve naked and bare or if you have a large portfolio of accomplishments and state of the art gadgets to assist your mission.

When you are serving as an instrument for your Divine Presence, you are surrounding yourself with love, the greatest power of the universe. From this highly magnetic resonance, you are naturally powerful and invincible.

The metaphysical principle to keep in mind is that higher frequencies always overcome the denser vibrations. Greater is more powerful than the lesser. The whole is more cohesive than the part. Remain unified and in this divine attunement! You can walk in this world and not be affected by any chaos and negativity.

As a radiating channel of love, you can best assist those who are challenged by what you have already overcome. You have the solution encoded in your energy field. It is amazing to observe how those who are attracted to you are the ones who will benefit the most by what you have already healed and activated within yourself.

In your role as love’s radiator, you essentially form a bridge between worlds and serve as a guardian of the divine light. In this guardianship, you can sustain and build upon its momentum by consistently and consciously qualifying every thought, word, feeling and action with the power of love.

Everywhere you go, in every handshake, in every hug, in every word, thought, feeling and in every action, you are constantly transferring your imprinting out into the world.

As we maneuver within a hectic, fast paced world, it is often very challenging to keep the consciousness free of anything less than the divine concept. Constant vigilance to self-correct any discordance in your thoughts, feelings and actions is paramount to divine embodiment. This mastery of energy will greatly enhance the quality of radiance from your field.

As we come to truly embody divine love as an evolved collective consciousness, our capacity to serve humanity is significantly amplified. Free of the colorings of the human personality, we are able to intelligently direct love-wisdom into every circumstance to affect instantaneous transformation.

Serving as an instrument of divinity, we love as God loves. We give and keep on giving. We radiate and keep on radiating.

All humanity is a reflection of our one self and the one consciousness of all life. When we give to our neighbor, we are also giving to ourselves. May supreme kindness and generous action become our natural way of life as we stand united in our power of love.

The true humanitarian spirit is then revealed as a result of our seeing the Divine in every face and every seeming wound of humanity is also considered our own.

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