2018 Sacred Retreats & Expeditions

  • Spiritual Transcendence Retreat ~ Bali, Indonesia

    May 10~19, 2018

    Bali reflects a highly refined and diversely rich culture that recognizes the Divine Presence in every aspect of their life and community. Known as the “Island of the Gods”, this mystical Indonesian destination is the spectacular backdrop for our highly rejuvenating spiritual odyssey. We are deeply nourishing body, mind and soul while reconnecting to our true self as a transcendent expression of profound beauty and peace.

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  • Whale Swim Immersion ~
    Uoleva Island, Tonga

    September 17~28, 2018

    Whales are of the most immense, intelligent and physically powerful creatures on Earth… yet they are also among the most gentle. We are venturing to a tropical island paradise in the South Pacific to intimately commune with the Humpback Whales to receive the codes of knowledge from these ancient Record Keepers. This life altering experience is intended to deeply inspire your creative expression and expansion into timeless dimensions.

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