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What are the Rites?

* The highest purpose in delivering the 2019 Rites of Passage is to guide an awakened collective through an expedited process of back-to-back initiations.

* The development concerns the levels of self mastery required to emerge as a Christed group harmonic with the authentic power to bless and evolve the human race.

* You are being initiated to overcome the pull of the material world including the final relinquishing of personality identity and hold of the controlling ego.

* These Rites serve as a ‘ritual of summoning’ showing you the way forward, to fulfill your life’s purpose and divine plan.

* This is a year long initiation that keeps building upon itself. You will be initiated into (11) different phases of the collective emergence.

* They are portals of consciousness providing you with a series of doorways, to initiate your consciousness expansion beyond what is currently known.

* You will potentially be transported through a profound and spontaneous series of revelations.

Is this the 2012 Rites of Passage?

The 2019 Rites of Passage is a brand new series of initiations. It is not the same as the 2012 Rites program.

How does this energy flow? What is the rod of initiation?

This activity of initiation happens through the magnetizing influence of our collective intention in coherence with the great Divine Presence of our existence.

Through intention, coherence and invocation, we are magnetizing to us the “rod of initiation” to charge and amplify this developmental focus into our lives.

The “rod of initiation” is a pure and willful electrical force of influence that comes to us like a shaft of light. This purposeful, all-embracing energy field activates and then sustains the initiation in our daily life experiences.

What can I expect?

If this program is taken in its entirety and with full sincerity, participants will potentially receive immense energetic radiation and resulting personal change.

Through the influence of this light of of initiation, you can expect:

* An increase of the vibratory activity in your life.

* Overall stimulation of life force energy.

* Expansion of your light body and higher energy centers, which then filters down into your physical reality.

What are the program qualifications?

* To get the most from these initiations, you will come prepared with a clear and coherent mind, stabilized emotions and overall holistic integration.

* This is not a casual undertaking. It requires sincere dedication and commitment to receive the highest benefit from this opportunity.

* If this program is taken in its entirety and with full sincerity, participants will potentially receive immense energetic radiation and resulting personal change.

* We will be guided through a greatly accelerated experience of back-to-back initiations which focus upon our collective entry into the internal unified state of God Realization, as a group consciousness.

* Each Rite is delivered monthly. The initiation will be experienced most strongly in the initial thirty days of the Rite’s activation into your life.

* The Rites of Passage are timeless and each initiation is custom designed according to your unique life situation and level of understanding.

* Due to the acceleration of energy from one Rite to the next, it is highly recommended that participants start at the beginning with Rite 1.

Who can participate?

* Everyone can participate. This Passage program is purposefully designed to lift everyone into expanded states of perception, no matter the level of consciousness.

* These Rites of Passage are specifically developed for those who are already awakened and who dedicated to their path of spiritual advancement.

* We are calling forth those souls who are authentically ready to resurrect their life into a completely new system of energy.

* There will be those among our group that are fully prepared to endure this quickened pace and realize a holy emergence. Others will participate in order to deepen certain understandings or to accelerate clearings and internal activations. It is working on all levels and dimensions.

What are the dates and times?

* The Rites of Passage initiations are activated through direct transmission once every four weeks, always on Sunday and during the time of the new moon. The Rhythmic Entrainment classes are always held on the first two Wednesdays after the Rite Activation.

For complete details, please proceed to our Rites of Passage Calendar.

How do I receive the Rites?

* Every four weeks, a new initiation will be activated into your life reality. This comes to you in the form of a ceremonial transmission. You go into meditation in a quiet place and the rod of initiation is formally transferred into your energy field.

For complete details, please proceed to How to Receive the Rites.