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Featuring two integrative sessions each month.


We are introducing the practice of “Rhythmic Entrainment” to give amplified support to your Rites of Passage journey.

The purpose of these 1-hour sessions is to create and seal the new default pathway of expanded thought. They promote the manifesting power behind the science of the spoken word through invocation, affirmation and group process.

These sessions with Gary Gottselig are vibrant, fast paced and intelligently motivated.

You join with other dedicated lightworkers to affirm, activate, and ground each Rite’s developmental focus into your physical reality.


    If you are new to the sessions, please listen prior to attending

    for greater clarity on the practices that support this sacred work.

    (Gary’s Bio)

Through these dynamic sessions we are…

* Maximizing (re)calibration to our desired frequency.

* Wielding the transforming universal light and its many streams of divine perfection.

* Invoking divine intervention to assist in our collective transformation.

* Affirming our true magnificence in rhythmic flow.

* Deepening into the coherence of group intimacy through sacred practice.

* Empowering real and lasting shifts through unified intention.

How to Receive the Rhythmic Entrainment

  • Please download the latest version of
    ZOOM to your computer. It is free.

  • Entrainment Session Time: 9 pm, ET (New York)

    This is a 40-minute up to one hour group work session that is held three days after the Rite Activation. Another session is held on the following Wednesday featuring a unique integrative practice.

    This  is a video conference and takes place through ZOOM.

    ZOOM LINK: You will receive the Zoom Meeting Link in your email when we get closer to the event.

    FOLLOW-UP RECORDING: Recordings of the session will be forwarded a day after the session takes place.

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