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Meditations to Empower
your Vibrational Upgrade


  • Transcending Victim Consciousness

    reflectRising out of the shadows of victimization is a master key that unlocks the door of empowerment into sovereign unity and inner peace.(30 min) $9.99

  • The Code of Bliss

    reflectBliss is your birthright! You are encoding your cellular matrix with the white light of bliss to illumine a clear path back to the totality of yourself. (30 min) $9.99

  • Crossing Over

    bodyYou are taking a journey to the other side of the bridge to meet the light of your highest purpose and most desired life resonance.
    (30 min) $9.99

  • Living the Pathless Path

    I-am-creatorYour journey upon the pathless path returns you to the point of singularity where all dimensions are one.
    (30 min.) $9.99

  • Power from the Void

    omnipresence-b copy 2You are surrendering yourself to the void while allowing the greater self to reveal. It is the emptiness that makes the master. (30 min)

  • BreathDance ~ FUSION!

    omnipresence-b copy 2This yoga practice combines breathwork with free style body movement to help you into self-empowered ecstatic joy. Read PDF first! (30 min) $9.99

  • Reconnection

    reflectYou are fusing with the unified field ‘of wholeness’ as a way to amplify your vibrational frequency as one with All That Is. (30 min) $9.99

  • Encoding Solar Waveform

    jaqYou are drawing in the solar currents, encoding the transforming light to rebirth your greater potential. You can do this outside at sunrise/sunset. (30 min) $9.99

  • Reflectional Coherence

    reflectThis soul journey illuminates the subconscious and expands you into another idea of what you are as a conscious creator. (30 min) $9.99

  • Relaxing Your Polarity Band

    reflectYou are developing the ability to create from neutrality and an evenness of mind that is unattached to anything of a temporary nature. (30 min) $9.99

  • Removing Barriers to Prosperity (Remix)

    jaqThis meditation assists your determination to remove any sabotaging patterns that act as a barrier to realizing financially abundance. (30 min) $9.99 $4.99