A means to send transforming light to the entire world


Aoraki​The Crystalline Grid is a term used to describe the grid like matrix of high frequency energy that is part of the Earth’s new energetic architecture. It’s pathways form a giant meridian system for the planet. The channeled energy that flows through the grid is encoded with the divine design for humanity’s transition into an advanced multidimensional interface.

This grid is a living consciousness matrix that is encoded with the blueprint or set of instructions for humanity’s spiritual evolution.

The planetary Crystalline Grid assists our transition into higher dimensional fields of consciousness. It does this by filtering new energetic frequencies into your etheric and physical body. This enables your body and consciousness to connect more effectively to the holographic realm of the reality that is currently manifesting.

The Crystalline Grid is like a super highway of Divine Intelligence. So much knowledge and truth can be accessed. The Grid also connects us all to each other and into the higher consciousness of humans all over the world. It is our new spiritual foundation and serves as a transitory bridge between consciousness paradigms.


One of the main uses of this highly advanced crystalline structure is to bring stabilization and balance to our transformational processes. It can even be used as a spiritual “telecommunications system” to help us connect and remain connected to the higher consciousness of humans all over the world.

It is through this geodesic, holographic crystalline matrix that the new Earth paradigm is anchored.This elaborate geometric grid has been specifically positioned, programmed and phased for this precise time of Earth evolution.


The reason why the Crystalline Grid is so potent and so effective is because it links the crystals in the Earth. Moreover, this interface interweaves with major portals, vortexes and dimensional doorways that connect Earth to cosmic forces and other dimensional realities.

This elaborate geometric grid was also known to the ancients and is why many of the world’s pyramids, sanctuaries, standing stones and mystical sites coincide with its pathways.

As part of the grid network, there are numerous geographical areas of the earth, called nodes, which serve as the “central power stations” of the grid across the globe. These places hold a high concentrated level of crystalline energy, purified frequencies and are the massive energy fields used to support this crystalline grid field.

It’s like what our common electrical grid has in the way of power plants. Big transformers are used to convert energy to smaller currents. Likewise, these crystalline nodal points can be regarded as the power plants that then send out the high-energy currents into smaller geo regions.

For example, places like Mt. Shasta in the USA, the Egyptian Pyramids, Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Uluru in Australia, Machu Picchu in Peru, Lake Titicaca, Arunachala in southern India, Mt. Kailash in the Himalayas, Mt. Fuji in Japan, Aoraki in New Zealand, the ancient city of Angkor in Cambodia, Mount Arafat in Saudi Arabia, Bali in Indonesia and Easter Island.

These are just a few of the many crystalline nodal points that help physically anchor the Crystalline Grid to the planet. They power up an entire region while connecting and sustaining coherence with an interface of Earth-based crystals.


Now here is where it gets really interesting…

At each of the main nodal points, there are many frequency overlays of encoded information. Weaved within this dynamically evolving matrix are what can best be described as time capsules… or coded packets of information that hold the alchemical formulas for humanity’s morphogenetic shift. These energetic capsules carry the quantum energy for the new creation templates.

Many of us who serve as lightworkers are essentially incarnated starseeds on a ‘divine mission’. We actually helped to masterfully program these time capsules in accordance to the Divine Plan for Earth and through our self-actualized codes of accomplishment during our experiences in other more advanced timelines and dimensions.

If are a grid worker, if you are serving humanity, if you are with unwavering focus on raising your vibration, this might be the big reason why you just can’t stop. It has been crucial that we all do what we are doing to assist in humanity’s great unlocking, and to help open these time capsules.

It was necessary to arrive at a certain level, collectively, in our earthly vibration, and one that was high enough to one day unlock these encapsulated creation templates. They could not be opened any sooner due to the readiness of the masses that first had to be secured safely in place. We cannot rise too fast. This is why the planetary ascension and that of an entire race of beings is such a delicate and sensitive process. 

With all of the great work we have done in the preceding years, together with the streaming cosmic light, Earth’s rising frequency, the fusion of timelines and the level of human awakening generally… something very pivotal has happened. These time capsules, located at all of these nodal points upon the Crystalline Grid have now fully and completely opened. The grid is absolutely flooding with codes.

This is of unparalleled significance. This means that the Crystalline Grid is now releasing the new creation templates in full amplitude. The planet now transitions into much greater phases of its release from the code of time. The opening of the time capsules now makes it easier to anchor in the zero point energy. This is a neutral field of energy without the extremes of polarity charge. In other words, it is the reality of oneness.

Knowing this brings such great understanding to why we are witnessing such strange upheaval in our world today. It’s no wonder why everyone is walking around dazed and bewildered. It’s like everything is in one big implosion from the inside out.


My friends, this is so significant and what we have been waiting to happen. This is exponentially boosting us into the timeline of our trajectory. What has been initiated is a true unlocking into a sincere neutralization of a new reality vibration. The key word here is, “neutral”.

It is going to be so much easier now to transition into full neutrality so that we can re-crystallize our emotionally coded human blueprint into pure equanimity and a more neutral state of polarity. This is absolutely necessary in order to progress into greater vibrational patterns and to integrate the crystalline template, where high alchemy lives.

Further, the opening of the time capsules is shifting the planet’s electromagnetic grid, so much, that the code of time-space continuum is dissolving. The electromagnetic grid holds the memory fields. Without the time code insert intact, as it has been so tenaciously programmed, the past as a linear idea goes away.

All of the holographic inserts that are held in our consciousness as a real, past reality and those that carry so much ugliness, distortion and pain… these inserts, these frequency imprints shift. They all shift and are no longer held along a linear line. Their existence, as a linear frame of reference simply goes poof! These chaotic holograms and their suffering encoded memory fields are no longer able to electromagnetically cohere and bind us with a distorted genetic imprint.

What this means is that the new children being born, the generations behind us are now able to incarnate into this world without the extremely polarized emotional blueprint that is heavily skewed to the divisive response.

Oh my goodness, just imagine what we are going to experience next. Without the time code insert, the idea of karma dissolves, so do the binding trauma filled memory fields. Without this in place, the desire from within the human consciousness to carry out brutality, war, violence and conflict will eventually go away.

Without the time code insert, people do not perceive the past like before. It is helping to break down the rigid mindset while loosening up long standing grievances.

We are already seeing some mass consciousness response to this. We can point to the major upheaval in religious programming, boycott of societal norms across all levels, even the emergence of cancel culture. We can even look at the immense peace agreements being made in the Middle East, which is said to be a real beginning for potential worldwide peace.

The dissolve of the time-space continuum is creating massive shifts in people’s awareness. These are, however, great examples of the human response as the planet hifting electromagnetic field into the crystalline. One day it will all smooth out.

Again, the planet’s electromagnetic grid is shifting and upgrading into a crystalline resonance. This dissolves the illusion of time. The electromagnetic grid holds the memory fields. Without the time code insert intact, the past as a linear idea goes away. Without hold on to the past, and on to long standing grievances, union can happen. Peace can finally happen.


Through higher messaging, it was explained to me that once the Crystalline Grid system was fully activated, a massive harmonic resonant field would be created. This would amplify the power of light on Earth to such a degree that the resultant global shift in frequency will eliminate all conflict and destructive energy in our world. This influential forcefield would have the spontaneous capability to heal and transform the multitude, reaching into every corner of the Earth.

Once again beloved rainbow warriors, we truly have done something quite extraordinary through our collective vibration.

* We have helped to activate the planetary Crystalline Grid through our own awakening and thus, our coherently connected consciousness.

* We have shifted prophecy to not allow a destructive, Earth tearing scenario.

* And now, we have helped to open the time capsules, fully and completely while flooding the grid with the evolutionary codes… with ability to now access the higher consciousness of all humanity. Extraordinary really.


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