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This adventurous spiritual pilgrimage takes place in high elevation amidst the vast expanse of the stunning Andes Mountains. Our ultimate focus is upon consciousness expansion and illumination!

We are visiting sacred sites every day. This involves a lot of walking and hiking on uneven terrain, step climbing and generally, being with the elements of nature.

There will also be temple time, with meditation, ceremony and body movement sessions.

Our pilgrimage travel is by foot, bus, train, taxis and boat.

Please prepare accordingly to get the most from this initiation and your personal investment!

Come in Excellent Condition ~ Physically and Vibrationally

Please come to this retreat in the best physical shape possible and of high energetic vibration. We will be very active every day, from sun up to sun down. It will be high energy all the way through. Be in good physical condition so that you can hike, immerse in the higher energies and generally keep the pace of our retreat schedule.

It is recommended to undergo some type of physical cleansing prior to this retreat so that you can be clean and ready to assimilate the sacred energy. If you are feeling sluggish, now is a good time to shed any extra weight and work on core strength conditioning.


Average temperatures during this time are moderate…  sunny 60’s during the day and chilly 40’s at night.  Plan for sun, wind and a small bit of rain.

The sun can be extra intense when in high elevation. Bring cover.

Peru’s many colorful markets tantalize you with gorgeous goods and unique handmade weaves. This includes alpaca sweaters, scarves, hats, everything you need for this type of mountainous climate. If you forget something, no worries!

(Be sure to leave some extra room in the suitcase as well!)


The program provides your daily meals… 28 meals are covered, 6 are on your own. Our plan is to have mostly organic vegetarian with fish options when we can. Gluten free is challenging in Peru and non existant in rural areas. We will have GF while in our Cusco retreat center.

If you have special dietary needs that you can’t live without, you may want to bring some of your necessary items with you, such as nutritional bars, powders and sweeteners.

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Peru has a sanitation problem and piped water is not safe anywhere. Parasites and bacteria is a common result for foreigners. This concerns all airports, restaurants,  hotels, and homestays, unless stated otherwise.

Water stands are everywhere. Only buy water that has a seal. As soon as you arrive into Peru, do not drink any liquids that come from faucet water including iced drinks and juices. Make sure your eating dishes and silverware do not have water droplets. Use bottled water when brushing your teeth.

Do not eat salads or anything that has been washed by faucet water. Do no eat skins of raw fruit and vegetables. If at a restaurant, ask if they have filtered water for washing the food. This regards all airports, restaurants,  hotels, and homestays.

Morning Spiritual practice

While based in Cusco, we engage in spiritual practice inside a beautiful temple space . Our objective is to build and sustain the highest group vibration possible. Temple time is very sacred, clean and pure. Your attire is light colored, loose fitting clothes and a warm meditation wrap.

Sleeping and Showering Time

This is a shared sleeping situation for the majority of retreat participants. You will have your own bed, however, will be in the same room as one or two others.

Bring ear plugs and a light robe or sarong for going back and forth to the bathroom facilities. Bring your necessary toiletries.

Not Permissable

Smoking, alcohol or anything that alters the consciousness through external substances is not permitted on this retreat. We are only ingesting the supernal light!

This is a group activity that requires everyone to participate in the itinerary set forth. There will be ample free time for individual space.

We do not permit anyone to go off on their own outside of the agenda. If this occurs, you may be asked to leave without refunds.

Bring (2) Quartz Crystals

Bring (2) quartz crystals of any size. Clear quartz is highly recommended. You can also  select other types of quartz such as smokey, amethyst, citrine, rose quartz, rutilated quartz.

1. One of these crystals will be programmed at the retreat and with your intentions. This will be buried on the mountain.
2. The other crystal will be programmed in our temple. This one goes home with you.

How to Pack ~ The Essentials

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* Hiking clothes, layers!
* Sturdy hiking boots
* Trekking socks
* Bandaids if get feet blisters
* Warm jacket
* Wind jacket for boat

* Warm scarf
* Short sleeve shirts
* Long-sleeved shirts
* Hiking pants
* Sweater, sweatshirt
* Meditation/yoga wear

* Temple socks
* Rain coat or poncho
* Sunscreen and hat
* Flip–flops
* Good quality Day Pack
* Secure travel purse 

* Water bottle
* Journal or note taking pad, pen
* Flashlight or headlamp
* Ear plugs
* Handi Wipes
* Face mask

* Personal medicine and supplement kit just in case
Example: for diarrhea, constipation, anti parasite, anti bacterial, headache, altitude sickness, etc. Pharmacies in Peru are plentiful.

personal  crystals

Bring (2) quartz crystals of any size. Clear quartz is highly recommended. You can also  select other types of quartz such as smokey, amethyst, citrine, rose quartz, rutilated quartz. These crystals will be programmed at the retreat. One is buried at a sacred site in Peru and the other one goes home with you.