This August through December, 2017

Krystic Server Data Stream

This is a powerful transmission that initiates a complete rewrite of your own timelines to securely anchor you into the zero point ascension spiral. This is an immense initiation for all of us and is expected to give unprecedented access to a completely new holographic foundation, which supports the emergence of the multidimensional unity template.

The Facilitators and their entire Egypt expedition group of 50 are transmitting to you from the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid. This is after two weeks of initiation and traveling through the temple complexes of ancient Egypt.

Sessions of Empowerment

To help you prepare and integrate this incoming cosmic frequency

Program Details

EMPOWERMENTS are highly transformational experiences purposed to give you a big vibrational boost as a result of spiritual activation, clearing and energy recalibration. They are strategically designed around the Particle Convergence, to help you prepare and integrate this incoming cosmic frequency and plasmic wave reverberation.

These monthly sessions of remote energy transference are facilitated by a powerful trinity team of individuals who have each gained high levels of self realization and energy mastery. They are channeling divine energy together with their codes of accomplishment.

All sessions involve energy clearing, reprogramming and recalibration. The facilitators have also identified special focuses each month to assist the potency of each Empowerment Session. Empowerment results will be experienced in alignment to your state of awareness, your evolutionary soul plan and highest good.

  • February 26 ~ Cellular Regeneration

    March 28 ~ Crystalline Upgrade

    April 26 ~ Avatar Encodement

    May 25 ~ Super Abundance

    June 24 ~ Omni Love Infusion

    July 23 ~ DNA ReSync

  • August 21 ~ The Particle Convergence
    (The Facilitators are transmitting live from
    Egypt and the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid)

    September 20 ~ Golden Age Integration

    October 19 ~ Multidimensional Intelligence

    November 18 ~ Galactivation

    December 21 ~ The Particle Emergence Transmission