If you cannot make the live activations times:

You may receive this live transmission at any hour after the time of the very first session, which is 8 am New York.

The transference will be uploaded as a “packet of light” to the planetary Unity Grid (aka Crystalline Grid). You will receive it by going through the same protocol as everyone else. This means to clarify your intention, find a quiet place and open yourself to receive.  Call the energy to you. Remain still and in full receiving mode for 30 minutes without interruption.

The frequency imprint of the live session has also been recorded. If you would rather listen to something, they are offered out as an guided audio meditation.

If you missed the activation completely:

Your name was on the list and the the energy was transferred to you. You most definitely received it, although it may or may not have been felt especially since your conscious awareness was not engaged. As soon as you remember, traverse timelines and place yourself into the past as your present  moment. (All time is simultaneous.) Go immediately into meditation and follow the steps mentioned above.

You may also receive the session again by calling the packet of light to you… or by listening to the guided audio meditation that contains the session frequency.

Refunds will not be given.

If you are signing up after the program has started:

The frequency stamp of each of the live sessions will be recorded. You can  listen to these recordings to receive the energetic transference and just as you would in a live session.

This energetic transference is also uploaded as a ‘packet of light’ on to the planetary Unity Grid… and is all sustained and you can receive it by simple calling it forth.