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Meditations to Support Physical Body Upgrade


  • Recoding Your DNA

    I-am-creatorThis is ‘self empowered’ DNA Activation. You are recoding your nucleotide sequences through intimate communion with your chemical bonds.

  • Hemispheric Fusion

    bodyIn this audio transmission, you are initiating biological shift into a whole brain, androgynous expression. (30 min) $9.99

  • Pineal Rapture

    reflectThis audio greatly stimulates the energetic potentials within the pineal gland’s crystalline structures. You are rebirthing this inner eye. (30 min) $9.99

  • Nervous System Recalibration

    jaqThis is a self-empowered “Nervous System recalibration” to help your body sustain stronger vibrational patterning. (30 min) $9.99

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  • Kundalini Rising

    jaqThis exercise helps you to activate the fiery life force energy within that bestows greater levels of spiritual knowledge and mystical vision. $9.99

  • Body Noosphere

    omnipresence-b copy 2You are emerging from deep inside the metamorphic chrysalis. Your body ‘noosphere’ is the transcended human that is empowered through a new timeline called oneness. $9.99

  • My Body is a Universe

    bodyYour body is an entire ecology that has the ability to bring about accelerated biological evolution. This is done through coherence with the ‘totality’ of self. (30 min) $9.99