Mount Shasta, California USA

September 16 ~ 24, 2021


This is an “Ascending Mastery Spiritual Retreat” at one of the most sacred places on Earth.

Come and be forever transformed by the splendorous Mount Shasta light!

  • The Mount Shasta Spiritual Retreat accelerates your ascending mastery.

    No other mountain in the world is enlivened by so much paranormal activity.

  • Mount Shasta is truly a phenomena, revered by spiritual seekers around the world as a supernatural entity and celestial gateway. She delivers a powerful Rite of Passage to all who enter her godly radiance.

    Located in northern California, the mountain itself rises 14,162 above sea level. It is a massive vortex-portal complex embraced by numerous stories and legends that add to its magnetic mystique.

    Its geophysical forces and the sheer quantity of highly activated crystal substance qualify Mount Shasta to be a major power node of the planetary Crystalline Grid system and gives monumental support to human evolution.

    The mountain has direct energetic linkage to other worldly sacred sites and dimensional doorways that connect to cosmic forces.

    There is untold documentation of UFO sightings and testimony from the numerous visitors who witness craft  entering and leaving this holy abode.

    Some say there is a whole civilization of higher dimensional beings living inside its glacier clad walls. There must be mention, too, about the Sasquatch who frequent the forest!

    Vision quests, purification ceremonies and camping expeditions have all seen, heard and felt the powerful stargate that is Mount Shasta. This retreat will be no different.

“Beloved Mount Shasta is like stepping into a vast outdoor cathedral enriched by the interplay of light and elemental magic. Her essence is pure love and it remains with you forever.”

Tiara Kumara, Retreat Facilitator



This is a powerful Rite of Passage contained within the phenomenal backdrop of one of the most powerful portal-vortex complexes on Earth.

The main intention of this Mount Shasta spiritual retreat is to immerse you into an alchemical cauldron of consciousness expansion. You will be masterfully guided through the doorways of light that ultimately lead to liberated consciousness and the embodied realization of your truer, greater self.

In this exquisite initiative journey, you are breaking free from the energetic barriers that prevent you from the truth of your supreme existence.

The mountain is guaranteed to reflect what is exactly needed in your advancing steps and may even take you across the threshold.


  • The Mount Shasta Spiritual Retreat accelerates your ascending mastery.


    This Mount Shasta spiritual retreat is dedicated to the fusion of your consciousness with the consciousness of your great Divine Presence.

    You are unwaveringly calling for that Divine Presence to take over your life and to purge you of all separation.

    A vibrant and creative daily flow will activate and empower this intention. Through all retreat activities, you are consistently setting into momentum the transmutation of your internal blockages.

    You come to this retreat with the understanding that your body vehicle is preparing to be the vessel of your Divine Self.

    Your very skin can only pulsate the frequencies of that Transparent One… the energy that is your source of power.

    You are with intention to be, through and through, the embodiment of Divine Presence. Through that love, the planet will be transformed and humanity will know that love has returned.


    As a mystical source of spiritual power, the Mt. Shasta area is an elemental cathedral of tantalizing light, sound and vibration.

    To support our initiative journey, we will immerse ourselves in the powerful earth energies that Mt. Shasta is made famous.

    This intimate connection with the elementals and forces of nature initiates a grand return to our core essence of love and joy.

    It also gives us a greater understanding of our inherent wisdom and the ability to clearly perceive messages from the natural world.

  • The Mount Shasta Spiritual Retreat is a powerful initiation at one of the most powerful portal-vortex complexes on Earth.


The consciousness of the Ascended Masters is very prevalent in Mt. Shasta and is a great inspiration to those who are on the path of spiritual initiation.


Ascended Masters are enlightened beings who, like ourselves, have risen from the struggles of human incarnation. Through initiation, they mastered the limitation of the material world and ascended into the realms of light. These consciousness fields manifest the luminous essence of divine love and now assist human evolution.

We are working very closely with the Ascended Masters while invoking this highly transforming presence of light radiation.

These ascended influences and consciousness fields are not outside of ourselves, rather, regarded as our higher aspect of self. We will invoke and draw forth this illuminating essence to support our group initiation and expansive intentions.

We are also role playing throughout the retreat, while embodying the vibrational signature of a beloved Master whose frequency most closely matches our own.


    Mt. Shasta is filled with many unique energies including vortexes and portals that assist us into greater dimensions of personal truth.

    These unique areas each radiate a vitalizing and transforming energy and can open us up in unexpected ways.

    With great honor and respect, we will venture into some of these potent places to feel and receive their energy and gifts.

    Intimate connection with the elementals and forces of nature may initiate a greater understanding of your divine purpose in life.

    You may also receive great inner visions, messaging or even activate more of your own gifts that you came to share.

  • The Mount Shasta Spiritual Retreat accelerates your ascending mastery.

  • The Mount Shasta Spiritual Retreat accelerates your ascending mastery.


    We will immerse ourselves in one of the most rejuvenating natural springs on the planet featuring very rare silica waters.

    These are living springs that carry a unique mineralogy and are quite activated. They are know to give great assistance to heal, adjust and expand the human electromagnetic field.

    Through frequent immersion  in these crystalline waters, we are initiating deeper phases of metamorphosis. This will help bring great balance and recalibration to your current phases of vibrational upgrade and ability to hold more light.

    Throughout this retreat, we will also swim in high alpine lakes and mineral rich creeks.


    The mountain is saturated with transforming crystalline energy… in the waters, throughout the land and gridlines, and within its etheric space.

    Many lightworkers speak about one of the great Atlantean crystals that lies within a deep  crystalline cavern below Mt. Shasta, supposedly a crystal of Arcturian origin.

    This massive crystal is known as the “OM Crystal of Multidimensionality”. It is reactivated in full strength to once again support and accelerate the evolving human nature.

    This sentient crystal is omnipotent in its frequency and has the ability to concentrate and amplify all intentions aligned with its signature.

    Throughout the retreat, we will be working closely with this amplified crystalline field and its radiance of the platinum cosmic light.

    The highly potent platinum light brings fusion and synthesis to those who deeply attune to its frequency.  It will help us to recode our energetic matrix into unimaginable unity.

  • The Mount Shasta Spiritual Retreat accelerates your ascending mastery.


Meditation and Teachings
Daily Sadhana
Rhythmic Entrainment
Sacred Ceremonies
Swimming in High Alpine Lakes
Yoga and Sacred Dance
Group Sharing and Process
Oracle Readings




    Retreat Facilitator and Initator


    As founder of I AM Avatar, Tiara expresses as a spiritual teacher, author and initiator of self realized consciousness.

    Her  teachings are presented on a platform of spiritual initiation and self-mastery through divine principles.

    She is known for her uniquely transformative retreats and group experiences and has facilitated numerous programs in many places of the world.


    Group Harmonics
    Seva Program


    Asherah is a transformational healer.

    Her greatest purpose is to empower others in opening up towards the realization and embodiment of their true divine nature.

    Everything is the supreme light and union with that light is what brings each one of us to our True Self.


You are invited to a life altering experience to be initiated by the pure vibration of this natural wonder, its elemental haven and crystalline field.