To support our initiative journey, we will immerse ourselves in the powerful earth energies that Mt. Shasta is made famous. We will be visiting the sacred sites every day… hiking into secluded spots, swimming in alpine lakes and communing deeply with elemental nature.

We are also engaging in daily Sadhana (spiritual practice). This includes frequent meditation, teachings, transmissions, sharing and body movement.

Please take the suggested preparation seriously so that you can get the most from this initiation and personal investment.


Come in Excellent Condition ~ Physically and Vibrationally

Please come to this retreat in the best physical shape possible and of high energetic vibration. We will be very active every day, from sun up to sun down. It will be high energy all the way through. Be in good physical condition so that you can hike, immerse in the higher energies and generally keep the pace of our retreat schedule.

It is recommended to undergo some type of physical cleansing prior to this retreat so that you can be clean and ready to assimilate the sacred energy. If you are feeling sluggish, now is a good time to shed any extra weight and work on core strength conditioning.


Prepare for typical summertime weather, which is usually quite warm during the days and cooler in the mornings and evenings. The sun can be extra intense when on the sacred mountain.


The program provides your daily meals. This includes a light continental breakfast, full lunch and full dinner. Our base menu plan is organic and vegetarian. There will always be extra protein and gluten free options available at every meal. Some vegan options will be available, however, are minimal.

Please let us know if you are on a vegan diet!

We will provide an assortment of teas daily. (No coffee or alcoholic beverages will be served.)

If you have special dietary needs that you can’t live without, you may want to bring some of your necessary items with you, such as nutritional bars, powders and special sweeteners. You can also buy these things once you are in Mount Shasta.

Morning Sadhana

We always start the day in Sadhana (spiritual practice). Our objective to to build and sustain the highest group vibration possible. This is very sacred, clean and pure. Your attire is light colored, loose fitting clothes. When are in ceremony, we wear all white. Please bring 1-2 all white combinations.

Sleeping and Showering Time

This is a shared sleeping situation for some of you. You will have your own bed, however, will be in the same room as others. Therefore, we maintain our modesty always.

Be practical in your packing. Bring ear plugs and a light robe or sarong for going back and forth to the bathroom and other areas.

Not Permissable

Smoking, alcohol or anything that alters the consciousness through external substances is not permitted on this retreat. It is suggested that all caffeine also be eliminated. Further, candles, incense or any type of open flame is not permitted.

Bring (2) Quartz Crystals

Bring (2) quartz crystals of any size. Clear quartz is highly recommended. You can also  select other types of quartz such as smokey, amethyst, citrine, rose quartz, rutilated quartz.

1. One of these crystals will be programmed at the retreat and with your intentions. This will be buried on the mountain.
2. The other crystal will be programmed in our temple. This one goes home with you.

How to Pack ~ The Essentials


* Summertime clothes
* A couple warm layers (sweatshirt, light jacket, sweater)


* Temple attire – white or light colors, loose clothing
* Ceremonies – all white clothing (1 all white outfit is sufficient)
* Meditation cushion if you can squeeze it in
* Socks if evenings are cool
* Journal or note taking pad, pen
* Crystals (see above)


* Hiking clothes
* Sturdy walking shoes, sneakers, or hiking boots
* Small sitting pad/blanket for outside (that fits in day pack)
* Bathing suit and small towel
* Sarong or other type cover up
* High-UV-protection sunscreen
* Sun hat with brim, sunglasses
* Flip–flops
* Light rain coat or poncho (just in case)
* Day pack
* Water bottle


* Long-sleeved light shirt
* Sweatshirt, hoodie, light jacket
* Flashlight or headlamp
* Ear plugs (most of us are in shared space sleeping)


Bathroom towels are provided
Laundry and detergent is provided


If there is something that was not addressed, please ask us here and we will get back to you promptly.



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