Living your divine purpose makes you feel vibrantly alive and with a sense of immeasurable joy. When you know that you are aligned with and living our your reason for being, your steps become those of bold confidence and your actions reflect that empowerment.

Most of us want to know our true divine purpose. We often deeply contemplate why are we really here in this very strange and harsh world. Rest assured, you are molded with magnificence and carry a specific design and reason for incarnation.

There is a great purpose in why you were given life and all of unique thoughts, actions, and gifts that make you the uniquely dynamic person that you are. “Divine Purpose” is your highly orchestrated plan that no other human being can fulfill except you. This is what makes you extra special and sincerely blessed in the eyes of God.

The key to unlocking your purpose is found in the alignment to your greater expression. You are setting yourself up to serve as a channel through which the great Divine Presence can serve through you, as its human vessel. Set your intentions not on what will empower your self-fulfillment, but on how your gifts can assist the Divine Plan of humanity. By placing our devotion to the greater plan, we open ourselves up to be guided down verdant paths never before considered.

All life is yoga and a path to union with divine purpose. Through this understanding, the worries about losses or gains, failures or frustrations quickly melt away. This perspective gifts us with the knowing that our purpose is always with us. It gradually unearths when we regard every moment and every experience as sacred and on purpose. No matter how big that moment is, your Divine Presence is at work.

It’s common to over-analyze the nature of our divine calling, wondering what the heck we are supposed to be doing now that we are awake. It is easy to start judging the self that seemingly sits idle on the sidelines waiting for the big idea to land in our laps. It’s can be doubly frustrating when we watch many people fulfilling their sacred calling.

Yet, at the end of the day, above and beyond all of the grandiose visions and projects, it’s our choices and our responses to the little things in life that really matter. It’s when we remember that there is holy purpose behind each endeavor, each interaction, and each feeling that we are elevated.

Rather than compare yourself to others who are fulfilling a seeming grander plan, accept who you are and surrender that self to your Divine Presence. Above all, stop trying to be someone. Consider that your basic fundamental purpose is to completely be who you chose to be, completely. This is without any striving or struggle to be something else.

At our core essence, we are made in the image and likeness of our Creator. This is why we must give up our illusive personalities and its long list of desires and attachments. When we just let go of what we want, don’t want, should do, should be and forget about it all, this is when the portals of passage open into our revered purpose.

Once the personality is neutralized, we can more easily grasp the meaning that “all things are possible” and become the driver of those possibilities, naturally. We just step into them because we are not fretting in the “should dos” of life. Instead, we are simply serving as a vehicle of Divine Presence.

The thought does not even enter whether or not we can do something. We are surrendered to our greater self and are allowing that divine, all-knowing essence to reveal the orchestration. It’s so beautiful because through this level of sustained thinking, the universe reflects more unlimited possibilities back to us in the form of non-stop opening doors. Levels of inspiration get so high that they break the barometer!

Inspiration is your barometer for life. This inspiration and excitement is who you are and is your reflection our to the world around you.

Follow it, trust it and know that these are the divine currents that have great meaning for your life. By following how you are inspired, you will automatically be supported. A great field of synchronicity keeps the gold brick road building before you. How do you bring in your divine purpose? The answer comes when you truly relax and give up your hold on life.

All you really have to do is to simply live your unique self right now. This is your sacred moment. Living the most authentic you in this most authentic moment is the most fundamental purpose of your life.

In the absoluteness of life, all is already perfect, everything. You are already on your path of purpose. It is now just a matter of looking up and seeing with new eyes while cloaking on another system of belief. This is why it is said that Earth reality is an illusion and we are all under a spell. Well, our purpose is to snap out of this stupor and unveil the truth of who we already are. There is no ‘becoming’ involved.

We are complete in each and every moment, no matter what is going on externally or even internally. We are complete, all is on purpose every second. If we do not believe that we are complete then this thinking invalidates our talk and our walk. By thinking we are incomplete is affirming that we do not have the capability of creating what we say we desire to manifest.

On the other hand, by knowing we are complete gives us the golden key to open the door into any direction we desire to go. There is no truth in lack. As one with our Divine Presence, we have all the tools and abilities we require at any given moment. As one with our Divine Presence, we can do and be anything we are willing and bold enough to believe.

We came to learn, we came to unveil ourselves as absolute truth. This is our collective purpose. It unfolds the more that we can relax into our true self… rather than pressuring ourselves to be more of this or that.



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