In last week’s class, we learned about the Pathways of Telepathic Impression. When telepathic messaging comes to you, its impressions are made in your auric field at the layer called the mental body. From here the impression can go direct to the brain or to the intuition to be interpreted. It can also downloaded and stored in your energetic body… such as in the Recorder Cell.

In today’s discourse, we are going to learn about how spiritual telepathy develops and the sensitivity required to pick up on this level of subtle energy. We will also review how to send a telepathic message.


Please watch the video of this class, located above.


From the course book, please read Chapter 13.


Please continue working with these meditations.

1. Audio: Living the Mind of Brilliance

2. Audio: Power from the Void


The first activation session for Spiritual Telepathy will help open and reinforce your telepathic channels of impression.

Energetic integrity will be strengthened through a through clearing and balancing in each of the layers of your auric field. My highest intention is to help increase your sensitivity to subtle energy by removing energetic debris and non serving cords of attachment.

We will also clean any distortion and energetic interference in the mental body (mind) so that you can interpret from highest clarity and discernment.


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This is a meditative exercise to build relationship with your auric field.

Put a miniature version of your human self in between your hands, like a surrogate body.

Sensitize your hands to feel the energy field around your body. See if you can detect the quality of each of the energetic layers of your auric field. You can start from the physical body and go out or start from way out and work your way in. (Refer to the chart in this chapter of the auric layers.)

Are there any differences in each of the layers?

Does the energy feel thicker or lighter in some areas?

Do you feel or sense any vulnerable areas.


A practice of voicing affirmations is a great way to re-program your thought structure and charge your entire energy field with positive intention. You can do this as a regular practice, as a way to feel empowered as one with your Greater Self. Keep affirming your multidimensional self every day as you step into this greater expression and ability.


* Telepathic impression is becoming an integral part of my motivating energy.

* I constantly respond to a myriad of impressions coming in from all forms of life. The unified field is always talking to me.

* Attunement with the unity consciousness matrix gives me access to the field of spiritual telepathy and with others who are vibrating in like resonance.

* My antenna is open to the telepathic unified grid. I am sustained by an inner structure of mindful thought.

* My ability to be spiritually telepathic is stimulated by my well-developed and stable mental body. My mind is clear, discerning and can defuse any discordant thoughts that might enter. 

* I am in telepathic group rapport.

* Telepathy is an art and based entirely upon the sense of sacred relationship that I have with the greater divine aspect of my self.

* Sometimes telepathy shows up as unexplained inspiration or a revealing thought. It often creates a sense of deep purpose, so much that I want to act upon it right away.

* My soulful and aligned thought is combined with sincere focus and intention to serve as a Divine Channel. The bridge of union, from human mind to higher mind is getting stronger.

* My brain is unified with my mind and my mind is fused with the Greater Self. All three are linked in collaboration.

* I am consciously responsive to both intuitive guidance and telepathic impression from the dimensions of Divine Mind.

* My higher mind is part of a collective mind. When there is genuine coherence to this unified luminosity, my brain rewires itself to be a receiver of the group intelligence.

* I am building my sensitivity to subtle energy. I am getting better at noticing slight changes, signals or other influences in my energy field and surroundings.

* My response to telepathic impression depends upon how sensitive I am to the greater will factor that is influencing my life.

* Spiritual telepathy is an advanced from of multidimensional communication and only becomes possible where my aura is healthy and my personality is holistically integrated.

* When I am operating from great mental poise, the multidimensional bridge is built, linking me into the higher frequency fields.

* I can focus inward and with a calm, interiorized mind. I am a magnetic backdrop for telepathic impression. The God force is working through me at all times.

* I am grounded and present. My awareness always returns to the center point. I am neutral and unattached to anything of the temporary world.

* I am driven by a higher purpose and my mind is held steady and true to that purpose.

* My higher senses are coming online. The pineal gland is opening. The intuitive faculty is activating. I am building magnetism. My sensitivity to telepathic impression is developing.

* I absolutely know myself to be a telepathic channel. I constantly receive telepathic impressions from those with who I am in vibrational rapport. These messages are right there, all of the time within the field of resonance.

* My rate of vibration is the magnetizing force that pulls me into the telepathic transference.

* The interpretation of the telepathic impression will get better as I advance on the path of spiritual initiation and learn to perceive the vibration of subtle energy.

* To facilitate telepathy, pure love is the foundational success of any thought transference. I then simply step aside to allow Divine Mind to serve as the qualifier and to carry out the intended conveyance.