Lesson 7: HIGHER INTUITION, Part 2


To be intuitive, you are receiving impression from your higher mind. This can only happen when you are unified, from within. Your mind is stable, clear and balanced. Therefore, functioning from whole brain expression is pivotal because it brings us into a more wholesome and holistic state of being.

We also must train the mind while loosening attachment to the human senses. As greater detachment is made from our human desires, and the more control we have over the intellect, the faculty of intuition awakens and we start tapping into the energy behind thought.

Today we are sharing in more depth about how the intuitive develops.



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1. Audio: Rite of Divine Intuition

2. Audio: Hemispheric Fusion


The second activation for the skillset of Intuition will give vibrational boost through sacred fire light pulsation to your energetic field at the level of your mental body. This will be energy transference from my mind to your mind.

Some of my greatest talents are intuition and the ability to focus. I also have had to rise out of pretty strong self-doubt and low self worth patterns. As such, I carry influential codes of accomplishment.

I will impress all that I have achieved to your receiving mind and body through a great concentration of light so that this light can burn out any area that you are ready to release.




To assist your sensitivity and train your nerves to pick up on subtle messages, choose a quiet place in nature to sit and meditation with the natural world.

Pay close attention to the sounds that you hear. Tune your awareness to each and every sound you hear. Listen to the clarity of the tone.

What are your observations?

Do you pick up on any rhythms or patterns of information?



Observe any differences in the quality of your thoughts.

Do some thoughts seem to be higher in vibration, or more meaningful and inspiring?

How and where are you attuned throughout the day?

Are you able to allow the background of your consciousness to guide you?

6. AFFIRMATIONS OF higher intuition

A practice of voicing affirmations is a great way to re-program your thought structure and charge your entire energy field with positive intention. You can do this as a regular practice, as a way to feel empowered as one with your Greater Self. Keep affirming your multidimensional self every day as you step into this greater expression and ability.


* Light is flowing from the expanded spiritual dimensions, directly through my pineal gland. I am in contact with my Greater Self.

* My core nature is knowledge and light. My realm of existence is all knowing, omnipresent awareness.

* My intuition is open and effectively functioning, there is a constant pouring in of highly stimulating, vital life force. I am constantly inspired.

* The swiftness through which I am able to perceive, understand and resolve situations is a clear sign that I am functioning under the influence of divine intuition.

* I experience myself not only as a human body but also as an immortal indwelling consciousness, one with Source essence.

* Intuition is the means by which I comprehend my divine nature at a very deep level.

* My Greater Self is the intermediary that distills information from the spiritual realms in a way that my human aspect can understand.

* Throughout my day, I am constantly offering up my gratitude for the information that is channeled through me.

* My channel is open to my Divine Presence. I am a knower.

* All in my life is divinely orchestrated for my highest good.

* My feminine and masculine nature is balanced. I am constantly receiving impressions from my higher mind. I am unified from within.

* I am balanced and stable in the pure, clear spiritual light.

* My liberation into multidimensional perception is actualized through non-identification to the self as only a human.

* I am expanding into the formless, the field of pure potentiality from where all creations spring forth.

* I no longer allow my outer human senses to determine my inner world.

* My human mind formulates ideas from great spiritual direction.

* It is through the developed intuition that I have an open source for communicating with the true immanent force guiding my life.

* Recognition of the truer reality is possible when I am impersonal and free from the reactions of my lower self and its identity.

* My intuition is developing through the power of the interiorized mind that perceives from a state of mental calmness.

* Through concentration, all of my dispersing mental energy is called back into a single pointed focus. The mind is my servant and not my master.

* Willful concentration is my surest way to remain centered and present.

* Maintaining streamlined vision through concentrated focus naturally selects what will be allowed to enter my heart-mind intelligence.

* The highest truth comes though my intuition. It is through the purity of “single eye focus” that I rise to meet the Greater Self as this supreme consciousness navigates my physical form.

* When I steady my nerves and the nervous system, I steady my mind.

* I am speaking less and knowing more. When I do speak, I am fully present on what I am saying; using only words that blend the self with the higher mind.

* Within my daily life, there is non-acceptance of incoming responses that emanate from states of separated awareness.

* I am highly motivated by the new thoughts coming in. There is a sense of divine presence, constantly in my awareness.

   * I am aligned with the evolutionary plan for the Earth and have a big desire to serve and to help benefit the common good of all people.

* I serve as a spiritual intuitive.