Lesson 5: SENSORY INSTRUMENT, part 2


A very important channel into expanded sense perception involves the opening of the pineal gland’s dimensional gateway, one of the most important phases of spiritual development and one that is crucial prior to developing other skillsets of evolution.

Just like coherence is the foundation to multidimensional intelligence, an open and activating pineal gland provides the springboard for optimal development of your self as a finely tuned sensory instrument.

In this class, we will discuss how we can activation, strengthen and expand the pineal gland, as a highly influential gateway into multidimensional living.



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From the course book, please read Chapter 11


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1. Audio: Pineal Rapture

2. Audio: Self Actualizing ESP


The activation takes place this Saturday. (See QUICK LINKS at top of page to go to the “Activation Guidelines”).

This second activation for this skillset is focusing a three-prong approach on pineal gland detoxification, strengthening and expansion.

* It is purely focused upon the head center, the pineal gland and the opening of this entire crystalline gateway into multidimensional frequencies.

* Pulsations of light will be transferred to help strengthen your power of attunement with your Divine Mind.

Eventually you will longer hold be able to hold on to any thoughts of limitation or negative perception. I compare this type of activation like getting a big energetic surge of natural DMT right into the pineal portal.

It is going to be very powerful.


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Pineal Gland Self-Activation

Create a personal pineal gland activation program, that ideally can become a new habit and lifestyle. It is suggested to use a 3-part plan that involves detoxification, strengthening and expansion.

You can research any of the ideas presented in this chapter for the right type of pineal gland supplementation that is unique and powerful for you.

Establish a rhythm so that nurturance can be given to your pineal partner as a daily spiritual devotion.


A practice of voicing affirmations is a great way to re-program your thought structure and charge your entire energy field with positive intention. You can do this as a regular practice, as a way to feel empowered as one with your Greater Self. Keep affirming your multidimensional self every day as you step into this greater expression and ability.


* I am surrendered in service as a channel for God and the divine intervening forces of good.

* I am instrumental in my ability to positively influence others through expanded sense perception.

* My perceptual capability is expanding beyond the human dimension and is able to detect the finer, subtler vibratory fields.

* I am not dependent solely upon my brain but also with a channel of attunement that goes beyond the cognizing intellect.

* My pineal gland is expanding into a multidimensional antenna.

* I am navigating life through the unfailing voice of divine intuition and the harmonic rhythms of synchronicity.

* I am quickly developing expanded sense perception. I take precious care of my body just like a finely tuned musical instrument.

* The more that my perception can bend and flex, the more that my inner vision opens to see beyond the form and beyond the body bound senses.

* The ability to expand the perception and embody greater levels of intelligence is encoded in my DNA.

* Cellular intelligence always responds to my sincerity and always follows my deeply held intentions.

* As I expand my perceptions, cell biology changes. My genetic blueprint is upgrading into a multidimensional operation system complete with expanded circuitry.

My energy matrix functions just like an instrument and a channel for higher light intelligence.

* My energy matrix is an instrument and a channel for higher light intelligence.

* The more that I perceive from the higher senses, the more that greater truths will be revealed.

* My mind is always attuned to the guidance of my higher mind. Through this attunement, I can co-create and magnetize all that I need and require.

* I am in sacred relationship with my Divine Presence.

* My antahkarana is developing. The pathways of the heart and mind are fused as one and serve as a multidimensional receiving channel.

* I am consciously responsive to impressions from the dimensions of Divine Mind.

* I sincerely desire to be of service to others.

* The channel of my pineal portal is open and expanding. I rhythmically move with the voice of my greater conscience.

* I am a visionary of great sensitivity, able to tap into information from other dimensional frequencies.

* My pineal gland is healthy, strong and expanding. Together, we are giving that same reflection to the nervous and endocrine systems.

* My thoughts, feelings and actions are the most important consideration of all to strengthening my pineal gland.

* My pineal gland is thriving because of my body’s high alkaline state.

* My pineal gland is getting stronger and more active. Likewise, my ability to access information from higher frequency fields is increasing.

* I am a sensory instrument in service to the wholeness of life.