Lesson 14: Timeline Shifter, Part 1


The purpose of this module is to give inspiration to your changing definitions about time so that you can ultimately break through its barriers and into a greater level of humanitarian service.

Once you are free from the rigid construct of linear time, you can authentically embody the perceptive realization of your eternal nature…. Thus… amplifying your skills of multi-dimensionality. The ability to perceive beyond the physical dimension is the key to this actualization.

This subject matter was introduced in the Morphogenesis program and opening the Seal of Transcendence”. Much is going to be repeated here as well due to the extraordinary nature of this subject matter.


Please watch the video of this class, located above.


From the course book, please read Chapter 16.


For the next two weeks, please listen to these recommended audios.


1. Audio: Time Transcendence, I 

2. Audio: Time Transcendence, II


The first session of activation for Timeline Shifter will help elastize the perception and strengthen your ability to perceive beyond the linear mind. This entails both a clearing and activation of the entire aura, especially the mental body and its consciousness layers.

The transference will also give vibrational recalibration and upgrade to help make it easier for you to attune to the unified field and the frequency of synchronicity and simultaneous living.

5. contemplation



Observe all of the ways that your life is organized and controlled by time. How do you live according to what happened in the past? Do any of these perceptions control and navigate your life, or bring limitation in any way?

How do you live according to what might happen in the future? Is there worry about the future?

How is your life set up to function from sequences… that things have to happen in order or that something has to come first before you can experience something else?

Consider ways that you can make adjustments in your thinking so that linear time does not control your life or your decisions.

Consciously practice living more from the eternal moment.



Lucid realities are just as real as the physical reality and can be a great teacher and guide.

Allow yourself the freedom to flow as your imagination guides you. As you shift between timelines, and see less and less distinction between physical and non-physical realities, a whole new lucid world can open up.

Observe your dreams and imaginations in the present moment. Step into these new realities. Just start doing it. The future comes to you.

Remember, you are the dream that dreams itself into being.


A practice of voicing affirmations is a great way to re-program your thought structure and charge your entire energy field with positive intention. You can do this as a regular practice, as a way to feel empowered as one with your Greater Self. Keep affirming your multidimensional self every day as you step into this greater expression and ability.


* I am now living the new timeline of unity consciousness

* I am fused as part of a singularity and a single seamless influential entity.

* I align with being made in the image and likeness of my Creator, the Divine Presence that sustains me, fulfilling my every need.

* My human self is an aspect of my vastness that exists in a reality called Earth. Other aspects of me exist in other dimensions.

* I always call to the totality of myself to be with me always. My abilities are getting stronger through this attunement.

* I am a soulful presence with a consciousness that is eternal. No matter what form I take, my consciousness goes with me and is ever evolving.

* The totality of my self is actually having many experiences on many different levels and dimensions.

* I exist in a materialized world, as both a human and a multidimensional being. I am always and completely sustained with the optimum level of support.

* As the Greater Self, I project aspects of my consciousness into many different timeframes, simultaneously.

* In a simultaneous existence, all of my lives exist at the same time. Both the future and the past exist with me now.

* My vibrational frequency determines which options I attract and create in the present moment.

* I am not bound by time, but empowered through a simultaneous existence.

* Everything that occurs in my life actually exists, all at once. There is a sacred wholeness that is forever present and with me at all times.

* Events come into my life because I am tuned into the belief structure that represents that sequence.

* The dream world and my imaginative realities are very real and have great meaning.

* I allow myself to flow as my imagination guides me.

* My soul is eternal. I exist now.

* I am a vast, multidimensional being and continually recreate myself into timeless realities on many levels of vibration.

* All that is happening is occurring inside me, within my consciousness and the one point of here and now, the eternal creative moment.

* Now is all there is, all there ever has been, and all there ever will be.

* I am grounded, calm and can center myself at any moment so that the incoming streams of divine impression can find me

* Through the power of my intention and attention, I can direct my thoughts to re-script the reality that is bound by time into the infinite multi-dimensional landscape that it truly lives.

* I am ascending beyond third dimensional thinking. I now perceive reality through a multi-dimensional viewing lens.

* The future comes to me. I create my future through my dreams and imaginations in the present moment. Then, I just start doing it. The future comes to me.

* I hold my dream visions very firm and steady upon where I want to go and step into these new timelines without hesitation.

* I am never stuck in the past. I, as the past, do not exist right now. I do not have any history that can negatively affect me.  There is only me in the present moment.

* I am not defined by my past, so, there is nothing holding me back. I do not have to heal my past because there is not a past that exists for me in this now moment to heal.

* By staying firm in the identity and definition of who I am right now, any past idea of myself will not be able to integrate.

* When I stop navigating through time, and allow time to navigate through me, I am able to quickly accomplish.

* I always hold my mind and heart constant and steady in what I want to do and where I want to go.