Lesson 13: Omnipresence, Part 2


Last week, we shared about the qualifying characteristics that provide a stable foundation for the effectual development of omnipresence.… and to serve as one body of God awareness.

This requires of us to live from the consciousness of oneness and unity. Our personality body is mastered. Our service to others is expanding. We walk in love, compassion and equanimity. There is mind-heart intelligence. It is then that we are able to raise the consciousness and serve from this expanded level of awareness.

Today, we are going to discuss how Omnipresence is developed.


Please watch the video of this class, located above.


From the course book, please read Chapter 15.


Please continue working with these meditations.

1. Audio: Born to be a Mystic 

2. Audio: Activating the Omnipresent Self


This spiritual activation focuses on another major cleansing and clearing of each layer of your aura while removing any debris, miasma and interference, all according to your highest good.

Special focus will be placed upon strengthening the overall bridging integrity between your human and spiritual layers of the auric field. The intention is to create a clear energetic pathway that supports the filtering through of your patterns of perfection to the human expression and from the etheric body template.




In this exercise, you are building elasticity between micro and macro awareness. It is based on the idea that your consciousness is not in your human body; your human body is contained within your consciousness.

During meditation, practice expanding beyond the concept of yourself as a body and into the Greater You as a universal consciousness.

You, as a Greater Self are already out there. You are already expanded. You are just momentarily shifting your focus of identity from the human you to the more expanded you.



Your body is inside your consciousness. Therefore, it is always contained in any expansion of consciousness.

Think of your consciousness as a bubbled sphere. When you are focused as a human, the sphere is in the shape of your body. Then, when you go out of body or into a higher awareness, you are not leaving the body; rather, you are simply expanding your sphere.

While in meditation, you can practice expanding your sphere. When you expand the bubble of your consciousness, you can travel anywhere because your sphere of consciousness is everywhere, 360 degrees.


Step One:

Through the breath, practice expanding your consciousness bubble wider and wider starting from where you sit, to then surround your entire house, then your entire community, your region, your country, to finally expand your consciousness to surround the entire planet Earth and all humanity.

Step Two:

You and the consciousness are always moving with each expansion and contraction of the sphere. You can be aware of what is contained within the bubble. Practice expanding and contracting your consciousness while observing what it feels like to be at each level.


A practice of voicing affirmations is a great way to re-program your thought structure and charge your entire energy field with positive intention. You can do this as a regular practice, as a way to feel empowered as one with your Greater Self. Keep affirming your multidimensional self every day as you step into this greater expression and ability.


* God’s omnipresence is my omnipresence. To be omnipresent is to step into the state of what already exists as another version of me.

* Everywhere there is conscious life, all made from the exact same core substance. All things in the universe are infinitely interconnected. No matter what form of energy is presenting itself, everything is representing the larger whole. 

* You are a unique spark of light that permanently resides within the vast body called God awareness, existence itself.

* My consciousness does not exist within my human body. My body exists within my vast awareness.

* There is nothing outside of me. All is within.

* In this phase of my evolutionary leap, my microcosmic human is going macro. I am making a grand return to my truer expression as a Greater Self.

* My Greater Self is omnipresent. It can be anywhere and everywhere at the same time.

* My expanded self is pure awareness. It is eternal, timeless, simultaneous, synchronistic and present.

* Everything comes from my consciousness. Everything is part of the one body of omnipresent awareness.

* Wherever I focus my love and commands for peace, there will be the omnipresent power of Spirit supporting my coherent endeavor. It is my individual presence unified with the energy of the enlightened group mind that is the influencing power.

* I breathe with God, feel with God, think with God and move within this omnipresent life force. I can project myself to go anywhere to do this.

* I have unlimited assistance due to the very fact that you are interlinked as part of a collective energetic frequency that is vibrating the patterns of unity and oneness.

* To quickly transform all unwanted potentials, I know that when invocation to God is called upon, this omnipresent power always prevails. It is always with me. It is part of me. It is who I am.

* Through this conviction, I can serve on the front lines with my energetic presence to help free conflicted life while directing the needed streams of influence to transmute the imperfections.

* I live in Oneness.

* I have an intimate relationship with my Creator and am in direct communication with my higher mind and heart intelligence.

* My personality body is mastered. I do not attach to or get pulled into the drama. I maintain personal power and do not allow external circumstances to negatively affect me.

* A refined and more soulful personality is assuming the dominant position in life and is charged with a great sense of purpose.

* I no longer place an emotional priority on my human identity. I recognize my body as a sacred temple that houses the omnipresence of my Creator.

* I have control over my mind and thought processes. I do not feel confused. Thought forms are clear and well defined. When undesirable thoughts come in, I recognize and remove them immediately.

* I am highly attuned and extra sensitive to a range of subtle vibratory influences due to my increasing polarization to the Greater Self.

* I absolutely know that my omnipresence is the same and is one with the omnipresence of universal intelligence. I really do feel the perfection of life.

* My aura is healthy and all layers are functioning from clearest efficiency.

* My human energy field is a clear conductor of divine intelligence.

* My transition into omnipresent awareness is an ever-expanding activity of evolutionary advancement. It starts to develop the very moment that I realize my unity with humankind.

* Development of omnipresent awareness is silent, steady and a very powerful integration set into motion through my one motivating impulse to serve humanity.