Lesson 10: MAGNETISM, Part 1


This course is training us how to serve as Divine Channels and through many abilities that develop naturally as we evolve our consciousness into a unified whole. Our life purpose becomes solely inspired through the guiding light born out of group coherence.

Coherent and harmonized consciousness fields produce strong magnetism. This happens because everyone within that field is vibrating in the knowing that all comes from universal mind. From this wisdom, it is much easier to let go of the tenacious wills of our personality as the controlling factor. Self-serving promotion loses all importance. The personality is no longer the magnet of attraction; rather, a purposeful life in service is.


Please watch the video of this class, located above.


From the course book, please read Chapter 14.


For the next two weeks, please listen to these recommended audios.


1. Audio: Nervous System Recalibration

2. Audio: Kundalini Rising


The first session for  the skillset of Magnetism will assist your vibrational upgrade into a more magnetic blueprint. To be more magnetic, we stabilize in the purity of our presence, with unwavering alignment with our core beingness. From this stability at our center point, we then can draw things to us.

The challenge is that many of us are electrically over stimulated, which fractures our sensitive magnetic field. The first session will focus on balancing your overcharge and any nervous energy overwhelm. It will entail a recalibration of your nervous system to help stimulate a smooth and harmonic outflow of nerve force energy.

I will also facilitate a reinforcement of your electromagnetic field by pulsing light into each of the auric layers.




To assist your sensitivity and train your nerves to sense magnetic fields, take some quality time to walk in nature and see if you can notice the interplay of nature’s harmonic attraction.

Go to the mall or another place where there is a lot of people and see if you can notice other people’s magnetic field and how they differ from one person to the next.



In your course book and at the end of the chapter on Magnetism, please review the checklist, “Examples of Electrical Overcharge”.

Are there any areas that you can shift and release as a way to build your magnetic presence?


A practice of voicing affirmations is a great way to re-program your thought structure and charge your entire energy field with positive intention. You can do this as a regular practice, as a way to feel empowered as one with your Greater Self. Keep affirming your multidimensional self every day as you step into this greater expression and ability.


* God’s magnetic drawing power is in me. If I radiate love and goodwill to others, I will open the channel for God’s love to reveal more intensely through me.

* When I am magnetic, I am surrounding myself with love, the greatest power of the universe.

* Overcoming my limitations is very important to my spiritual development. This mastering of energy beautifully results in greater levels of magnetism.

* The magnet of my love always triumphs.

* I am a magnetic presence. I am firmly anchored in the resonance of my highest preferences. I affirm and validate myself by following what inspires me and brings me joy.

* The feeling power of joy is an ecstatically magnetic vibration. It is divine essence that flows through me to positively influence others beyond any language, time and space.  

* When I stand unified with my Divine Presence, all is magnetized to me in spontaneous flow, in perfect timing and in just the right quantity. No strenuous effort is required.

* I am a magnetic server. My human ego is tamed and no longer the driver. It is the greater self that is sitting in the front seat as my chief navigator.

* Maintaining emotional balance, inner peace and tolerance towards all is the key to my magnetic service.

* When I am at one with my Creator and constantly affirm this union through my thoughts, feelings and actions, my magnetism is a highly transforming, invincible force.

* My magnetic field radiates out in all directions. It expands and expands, always furthering its reach as my momentum in service builds. The more expanded I am in consciousness, the greater is the area covered by my outgoing energy waves.

* The more that I can be so ordered and aligned to divine principles, oriented to the interconnectivity of all life, the more magnetically stronger I will be.

* The strength of my personal magnetism is affected by how I think.

* If I am a slave to any of my senses, I am losing magnetism. If I have control over them, I am developing magnetism.

* The magnetism of generosity attracts abundance. Constant experiences of love and successes set me up with a similar magnetic charge.

* By remaining in my center point and by living out my highest preferences, I am affirming and validating myself. This builds personal magnetism. Energy comes to me. Intuition and synchronicity come to me.

* Like attracts like. Every thought I have creates a magnetic match that comes right back to me like a boomerang. Reality reflects my state of mind. State of mind reflects my reality.

If I am operating from a stress free life and aligned to spiritual principles, magnetism grows by leaps and bounds. Feeling overwhelmed and exhausted is a sign that I do not have the needed reinforcement from a highly charged magnetic field.

*  The auric field of magnetic energy around my body is what draws things towards me. The magnetic field is just a field until it is qualified by my thoughts and feelings.  It is the quality of my projections that differentiates what types of things I attract.

* Whenever I “will” something to happen, a ray of energy goes out, projected by the power of my thought. That energy generates a magnetic forcefield that attracts to me the objects of my expectations. The strength of that magnetism depends upon the strength of my energy behind it.

* My intention very profoundly affects my magnetic field which then functions as the template for what physical reality reflects.

* Like a magnet, my actions and behaviors attract the resonant state. My vibrational resonance helps me to see the reality of what is also vibrating at this level.

* The key to magnetic manifestation is to learn how to match the frequency of my preferences at all levels of my output. My thoughts match my feelings. My feelings match my actions. I am clear, concise and consistently sending out the same message.