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  • These Rites serve as a ‘ritual of summoning’ showing you the way forward, to fulfill your life’s purpose and divine plan.

    This is a year long initiation that keeps building upon itself. You will be initiated into (11) different phases of the collective emergence of the Christed Group Avatar.

    The initiations can be regarded as portals of consciousness providing you with a series of doorways to initiate your consciousness expansion beyond what is currently known. 

How to Receive the Rites of Passage


* Every four weeks, a new initiation will be activated into your life reality. 

* Each Rite of Passage has supportive  teaching, activation and integrative rhythmic entrainment. These details will come to you through email.


Each initiation is “turned on” for you through live activation sessions.  This comes to you in the form of a transmission, a session of remote energy transference.

Live broadcasts of the initiation are available. All registrants will receive the link.

To receive the activation, you go into meditation in a quiet place and the all-embracing rod of initiation is formally transferred into your energy field. This sets the momentum for it to percolate into your life reality. 

All is synchronized, however, with your own intentions for this development. This is KEY to your success in this focus. The Rites are self-activating initiations propelled by your intention and commitment on the evolving path.

How to Receive the Rite Activation:

* If you desire to listen to the live broadcast, this will air 10 minutes prior to our starting time.

* Choose a quiet space where you will be uninterrupted for this 30-minute activation.

* Before the session starts, please ground and prepare your body to receive. Cleansing is recommended.

* Sit or lie down comfortably and enter meditative space.

* Attune to your great Divine Presence and greater self… affirm your intentions to receive the initiation and then go into meditative state.

* The idea is to quiet the mind and body and attune to the incoming frequencies. You may listen to the accompanying transmission via the audio recording.

* Keep coming back to the gentleness of your breath while affirming your sacred intention for this invitation.

TIMES FOR THE RITE ACTIVATION ~ Attend one or do them all

  • Eastern Time: 8am, 3pm, 8pm  (New York)
    The live broadcast will air 10 minutes prior to our starting time.

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    Participate in one or all times to receive this session and as this correlates with your home time zone. We do not need to know your chosen time because the Facilitators actually transfer to you at all of these times.

    Optional Time: Any hour after Eastern Time, 8am (New York)

    If you cannot make the coordinated times, you may receive this transference any hour after our very first session, which is New York at 8 am. The live energy is sustained in a 24 hour window and you can do this at your own time.

    The energetic signature of the transmission is also encoded in the session audio. This audio is sent to all participants the day before the session.

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Live Broadcast

A live broadcast will air the Activation of the Rite. The access link will be sent to your email. The broadcast comes “on air” 10 minutes prior to the activation start time. This give you time to settle in.

The Rite’s Guided Audio Meditation

The energetic signature of the initiation’s activational transmission is  encoded into a guided audio meditation. This audio is sent to all participants the day before the session.

How to Receive the Rhythmic Entrainment

  • Please download the latest version of
    ZOOM to your computer. It is free.

  • Entrainment Session Time: 9 pm, ET (New York)

    This is a 40-minute up to one hour group work session that is held three days after the Rite Activation. Another session is held on the following Wednesday featuring a unique integrative practice.

    This  is a video conference and takes place through ZOOM.

    ZOOM LINK: You will receive the Zoom Meeting Link in your email when we get closer to the event.

    FOLLOW-UP RECORDING: Recordings of the session will be forwarded a day after the session takes place.

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PODCAST SUMMARY: Principles and Tools of Entrainment

This podcast gives a brief summary of the empowering tools and principles we work with in the Entrainment Sessions.

If you are new to the sessions, please listen before attending to help prepare you for our sacred work.