Gary Gottselig

  • AuthorAvatars in Action 

    Facilitator of The Hive Harmonic 

    Sacred Activist


  • Gary is an emerging spiritual guide with a deep soul calling to help empower others to tap into the true source of magic that lives within.

    With a great passion for humanitarian service, Gary has devoted several years to directing global sacred activism campaigns to assist in bringing positive shift to many of the difficult issues plaguing our beloved planet.

    He is the author of, “Avatars in Action – Invocations, Prayers & Affirmations for Empowering the Work of Sacred Activism”, a timeless collection that offers many powerful templates to help call forth personal and planetary transformation.

    He is a certified yoga teacher with an enriching personal practice that has spanned over a decade. His love for yoga stems from its profound gifts which inspire inner quietude and conscious flow.

    Gary’s personal journey of soul initiation has taken him all over the world. He has spent time living in the forests of New Zealand, the buzzing chaos of Vietnam and on the mystical island of Bali.

    These travels initiated him into much deeper levels of surrender, teaching him to live solely by synchronicity and to rely more fully on the invisible field of divine grace.

    He is currently developing a program which harnesses the power of group coherence for the purposes of global transformation.