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    Empowerment Transmitter & Satsang Guide

    Founder, I AM Avatar
    Founder, Children of the Sun Foundation

    Tiara serves as a spiritual teacher, author, healer and visionary pioneer whose soul purpose is to assist humanity’s shift into unity consciousness.

    Her global work has profoundly assisted countless lives in spiritual awakening and consciousness transformation.

    In this Empowerment Program, Tiara Kumara’s transmitter/initiator role is simply one of a conduit for Divine Source. She works with the frequency of pure light and transfers this light as encoded intelligence.

    These sessions of light and energy transference work in partnership with your conscious intent and divine guidance channels. The amount of energy received and integrated will be aligned to your highest good in this now moment of your path of soul initiation.

    Her overall intention is to support you to the next big step of spiritual advancement. (read more)


    Ravi Walsh is the founder of HeartPath Life Coaching and Reiki Certification and author of the book, The Contemplative Heart: A Path To Self-Mastery.

    He has been a Life Coach for the last twenty years and a Kundalini meditation teacher for the last ten years. His education background includes a BS in Psychology followed by seven years working at Sheppard and Enoch Pratt Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland.

    He then went onto pursue a career of fifteen years as a Licensed Massage Therapist and Reiki Master before he became a full time Life Coach.

    Ravi brings more than twenty-five years of intensive study and practice in contemporary Inquiry Systems including, The Work of Byron Katie and the ancient eastern meditation paths of Kashmir Shaivism and Advaita Vedanta.

    He is known around the world for his compassionate “Heart to Coaching and Healing” and guiding others into deep self discovery.

    Empowerment Integrator

    Founder, HeartPath Spiritual Life
    Coaching and Reiki Healing

    Empowerment Integrator

    Transformation Facilitator
    Educator, Author, Mentor


    Athena  specialises as a conduit for group Remote Energy Transmission and group Psycho-Energetic Integration Skills. This allows the work at the multidimensional levels to be firmly anchored into the physical dimension and be fully realised as an embodied life experience.

    As a mentor and transformation facilitator, Athena creates relationships built upon trust, integrity and resonance where her wide experience and understanding is able to support and guide the personal and spiritual development of her students, clients and aspirants.

    Athena is the author of THE QUANTUM KEYS – Unlock Your Energetic Intelligence  and the creator of the Quantum Keys programs introducing energetics and personal energy management to business leaders, coaches and consultants.

    She has studied extensively with a variety of renowned spiritual teachers including Dr Barbara Brennan and holds degrees and diplomas in Advanced Psycho-Energetic Integration Skills and Energy Transmission Techniques as well as an MSc in Psychosocial and Integrative Health Science.

    Integradora de Empoderamiento
    (para Español)

    Facilitadora de Transformación,Líder de
    Workshop, Instructor de Caminata de Fuego

    Para Español ~ Registro

    Como consecuencia de una crisis en su vida, Hortensia se embarcó en un intenso viaje de auto-sanación en el año 2003.

    Este camino la condujo a explorar varias técnicas energéticas profundas, así como tradiciones antiguas especializándose en Shamanismo, Tantra, Tao, Yoga, Reiki Master, Instructora de Caminar sobre Fuego y Sacerdotisa de Linaje Egipcio.

    Ha estado compartiendo estos aprendizajes, así como su transformación personal a través de varias enseñanzas, enfocando su trabajo en desintoxicar limitaciones de la mente, condicionamientos culturales y religiosos, sistemas de creencia y tabúes sexuales que impiden experimentar la totalidad de la esencia y el flujo del amor.

    Guía almas que apenas han despertado a alcanzar la armonía interior y el amor propio por medio de activaciones e iniciaciones con el único enfoque de transcender la dualidad y encarnar la Naturaleza Divina.

    Muchos de sus programas incluyen talleres, retiros, trabajo interior, ceremonias, danza y el entrenamiento más reciente dirigido para despertar almas hacia su auténtica naturaleza sexual.