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Times, Dates & Themes

Session Times:


    This is a 30-minute transference, facilitated through Tiara Kumara. You can do one time or all three.

    New York: 8 am, 3 pm and 8 pm.

    Optional Time:

    If you cannot make the coordinated times, you may receive this transference any hour after our very first session, which is New York at 8 am. The live energy is sustained in a 24 hour window and you can do this at your own time.

    The energetic signature of the transmission is also encoded in the session audio. This audio is sent to all participants the day following the session.


    This is a 90-minute group process that is held two days later.
    You can choose to be with either Ravindra Walsh or Athena Melchizedek-Sananda.

    Ravindra’s integration time: New York: 9 pm
    Athena’s integration time: New York: 3 pm

    You will receive the Zoom meeting link through email.

    Optional Time:

    If you cannot make the class date and time, an audio recording will be sent to all registrants and you can listen to this anytime on your own.


    You can attend and listen to Satsang at any time on your own. It is suggested to try and do this prior to the transmission.


Session Dates & Themes:

  • FEBRUARY: Preparing for Embodiment

    February 15: Sessions of Empowerment
    February 17: Integrative Group Process

    MARCH: Personality Transfiguration & Soul Fusion

    March 17: Sessions of Empowerment
    March 19: Integrative Group Process

    APRIL: Shifting Polarization to the Higher Mental Body

    April 16: Sessions of Empowerment
    April 18: Integrative Group Process

    MAY: Thriving through the Reflective Mirror

    May 15: Sessions of Empowerment
    May 17: Integrative Group Process

    JUNE: Emerging through the Alchemist’s Keys

    June 13: Sessions of Empowerment
    June 15: Integrative Group Process

    JULY: Going Beyond the Human Senses

    July 13: Sessions of Empowerment
    July 15: Integrative Group Process

  • AUGUST: Opening the Channels to Divine Mind

    August 11: Sessions of Empowerment
    August 13: Integrative Group Process

    SEPTEMBER: Human Blueprint Code Upgrade

    September 9: Sessions of Empowerment
    September 11: Integrative Group Process

    OCTOBER: Opening the internal Crystalline Seals

    October 9: Sessions of Empowerment
    October 11: Integrative Group Process

    NOVEMBER: Realizing your Omnipresent Self

    November 7: Sessions of Empowerment
    November 9: Integrative Group Process

    DECEMBER: Living as Divine Presence

    December 7: Sessions of Empowerment
    December 9: Integrative Group Process