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Dreamscape Meditations


  • Dream Awake

    jaqYou are now going on a journey into a timeless dimension to rebirth your human soul from the dream called “time”. $9.99

  • Born to be a Mystic

    I-am-creatorFrom the realms of light comes the vaster consciousness, that is, your Higher Self. This audio helps you to open the portals of perception to meet this brilliance. (30 min.) $9.99

  • Seeing in the Dark

    jaqThis creative and rather emotional dreamscape presents the idea of duality from a whole new angle, assisting to invalidate the polarized human perception. (30 min) $9.99

  • Voices in the Forest

    jaqThis shamanic journey takes you into the coherent ecosystem of the rainforest. Many special guests share their message from the unified field.
    (30 min) $9.99

  • Power from the Void

    omnipresence-b copy 2You are surrendering yourself to the void while allowing the greater self to reveal. It is the emptiness that makes the master. (30 min) $9.99