An important foundational pillar to support the embodied radiance of your greater self is divine intimacy.

So often, spiritual aspirants yearn for deeper connection with the greater self. They want to know the life purpose and soul plan. There is a longing to feel and acknowledge the greater self-expression in a much more tangible and noticeable way so that one can truly thrive from this resonance.

To be in divine intimacy is one of the highest attainable states possible for the human experience. Your presence and very existence is founded upon the surrender and adoration to your one and true Beloved. This is speaking into a union of love with your Creator. The nature of this force of love is to expand, and to such a degree that it naturally spills over to have an immense influence on a multitude of souls.

To arrive into this level of deep intimacy with the God within, one must first have intimacy with the self. This refers to truly loving the self, fully and completely. Are you capable of having deep intimacy with yourself?

When we know and experience ourselves as one with our core self, really loving and attending to the self, this becomes the pure mirror of our thought energy. Self-validation, self-respect and self-acknowledgement put us right in touch with the Divine Presence of our being.

Self-love is the gateway to divine intimacy. To love yourself at the deepest level is to simultaneously know and experience the Divine Presence manifesting in your life. As a result, this becomes the pure mirror of your thought energy.

God, expressing as the Divine Presence within you, is the authority of the entire universe. The Divine Presence hears, sees, thinks, feels and responds to only perfection on its level of cosmic service. As you consistently give adoration, feel gratitude and qualify your every activity through this energy stream, your daily positive impact upon life is immeasurable.

Maintaining an intimate relationship with your source of life is like being constantly with your dearest beloved and most trusted friend. Many people, even those who claim to be spiritually awake, are without this endearment. This is the main reason why we may feel limited and with a sense of emptiness, even though our lives are very full from the outside in. To be consciously disconnected from our creator, we are simply not operating from the wholeness of life.

To truly embody the Divine Presence, however, we cannot go through life being busy and with a long list of to-dos without often stopping to assure deep and intimate communion with our source. This is referring to a deepening in your feeling body to really experience yourself as one with this eternal identity. It is like you have a best friend who is always there encouraging you into your greater potential.

This intimacy can be felt as an unwavering sense of trust and knowing. Doubts vanish as soon as you create a rhythm of openly sharing with the greater ‘you’.

One of the biggest challenges is that ideas of divinity can be intellectualized versus having a direct and authentic experience. Our human intelligence is often asserted to understand the spiritual side of life. There can also be adherence to dogma and its many speculations of truth about what it means to be self-realized.

Be extra cautious about aligning with those who adamantly proclaim a specific system or method as the only way to attain enlightenment or attain liberation. We can only go so far with the ambiguous mind; only to discover that the door remains closed into more expanded dimensions. It is because we often do not give ourselves quality time to have the direct experience of the Divine Presence, or to deeply contemplate this influence in our lives.

While spiritual philosophies, tools and outside resources are helpful to advance our intellectual understandings; they are not able to provide us with a tangible experience of the chief energy that is truly taking care of us. In fact, we run the risk of becoming overly dependent on external information in lieu of a deep and intimate relationship with the one true source of it all.

The Divine Presence will never be revealed through the human intellect. To try and do so will only leave us defending personal beliefs based upon the theories and ideas of others. A very big challenge for many people is to surrender; surrender to the higher mind so that this greater influence can truly be the navigator.

It is of extraordinary importance to develop a deeper level of intimacy with your greater self. Without it, there is only the intellectual response from the human mind that is ruled by the ego and its tactile senses.

From time to time we have glimpses of this great Divine Presence revealing itself in our life; receiving exactly what we needed at exactly the right time with little to no effort, seeming as though by a miracle. Our joy now is to fully realize this supremely positive influence is available to us in each and every moment.

It is when we are at one and in coherence with the greater self in daily communion that we are led down the path of non-stop opening doors. Acknowledge this part of you! Talk to this Presence, love this Presence, know that the greater self is revealing itself to you all of the time. These reflections of intimate communion are always there.



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