A Multidimensional Journey on the Andean Master Path

March 16 ~ 28, 2021



  • Come and walk in the ancient footprints in this Children of the Sun Peru Pilgrimage.
  • Peru is an enchanted land filled with sacred wonders around every seeming corner.

    From the mountainous Apus, to the healing spirits and ancient legends, Peru  and its indigenous cultures are deeply rooted in  spirituality.

    The energy of the Peruvian Andes is exoticly raw, vibrantly alive and steeped in mysticism.

    It radiates profound wisdom and light transmission for anyone moving forward on the path of mastery and ascending vibration.

    Come and walk in the ancient footprints of the Incas in this Children of the Sun Peru Pilgrimage.

    Experience first hand some of the secrets of the initiation knowledge, which were expressed in temples, palaces and cities as testimony for all time.

    This special country, Land of Wiracocha and Pachamama, has so much to teach us.



Teachers of the New Consciousness

  • Tiara Kumara, facilitator of the Children of the Sun Peru Pilgrimage


    Spiritual Teacher, Author
    Initiator of Unity Consciousness
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  • Mallku Aribalo, facilitator of the Children of the Sun Peru Pilgrimage


    Shaman Leader, Researcher, Author
    Expert on Andean Archaeo-­Astronomy
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Peru has much to offer to those who are ready to express their ascended nature and the new consciousness that is emerging upon the Earth.

The divine knowledge of the path of ascension has been preserved in Peru since ancient times. There are many places of spiritual power that radiate the evolutionary codes. They are mostly hidden to those without the eyes to see. Awakened attunement is the golden entrance key.

The Children of the Sun Peru Pilgrimage is a 13-day journey that initiates your expanded self while embarking on the Andean Master Path.

You will be shown how to access the revered and the sacred. Your higher senses will be enlivened as you explore these hidden places and receive the many transmissions of light.

We will absorb the ancient knowledge while retaining deep heart-felt connection to the sacred Earth.


Cuzco ~ Sacred Valley ~ Machu Picchu ~ Lake Titicaca


Our Home Base and Center Point

  • Come and walk in the ancient footprints of the Children of the Sun Peru Pilgrimage

    Come and walk in the ancient footprints of the Children of the Sun Peru Pilgrimage

  • Cuzco is an ancient mystical city high in the majestic Andes Mountains.

    The word, Cuzco, means “navel, or center of the world” in Quechuan, the language of the native people.

    The Children of the Sun Peru Pilgrimage home base is in Cusco as well as our supporting crystalline grid.

    Built in the shape of a puma, Cuzco is 11,152 feet (3399 meters) above sea-level. The air is cool, crisp and absolutely perfect to support our transcendent journey.

    Cusco served as the golden capital of the Incan Empire, which held sway between the 13th and 16th centuries.

    It is now an amazing amalgam of the ancient Incas and the colonial city it became after the Spanish invasion.

    It is the footsteps of the Inca, their traditions and temples that give Cuzco a mysterious air of the sacred together with the awe-inspiring ruins of masterful stone work and engineering marvels.

    It is a stunning city and fast becoming the world’s capital for mysticism.

    You will have ample opportunity to explore Cuzco’s impressive nooks and crannies, ancient cobblestone streets, colorful markets, and more.



Home of the Children of the Sun

  • We will explore many of the power spots in the Sacred Valley, the epicenter of the Inca Empire, the “Children of the Sun.”

    The Incas considered themselves “Children of the Sun” because Inti, the Sun, was their most important deity. This was the god who appeared every day over the mountains to bring light and warmth to the crisp air of the high Andes.

    The Sacred Valley, a fertile region in the Andean highlands, was revered by the Incas because of its blessed climatic qualities, producing abundant richness for their land and lifestyle.

    The Sacred Valley is a cornucopia of majestic mountains, ancient ruins, rushing rivers, craft markets, terraced hillsides, good food and native people who value and take care of their treasured homeland.

    * We will connect with the Apus (mountain spirits) and experience the dimensions of ancient technology of the Andean masters.

    * We will see the rivers flowing down gullies and valleys, and visit numerous archaeological monuments and temple ruins.

    * Our journey  takes us to an agricultural laboratory with overlapping concentric circular stones. We will  meditate inside this powerful magnetic center.

    * We will visit the charming  picturesque towns, which are spiritual hubs full of healing and artistic energy.

    * We will also experience the sheer power of a  massive Inca fortress,  a site reserved for priests, leaders and defenders of the Inca Empire.

    The Sacred Valley is a vast reservoir of knowledge that exists outside of time.

    The multidimensional energy running through it is like an energetic aqueduct, giving access to inter-dimensional frequencies and other sacred sites.

  • Come and walk in the ancient footprints of the Children of the Sun Peru Pilgrimage

    Come and walk in the ancient footprints of the Children of the Sun Peru Pilgrimage.

    Come and walk in the ancient footprints of the Children of the Sun Peru Pilgrimage.


The Crystal City

  • Come and walk in the ancient footprints of the Children of the Sun Peru Pilgrimage.

    Come and walk in the ancient footprints of the Children of the Sun Peru Pilgrimage.

  • Designated as one of the seven wonders of the world, Machu Picchu is an important destination on our pilgrimage.

    The legendary beauty of this magnificent place defies all description.

    It is named by Mallku as the Crystal City, the Rainbow City, the City of the Condor and the Hummingbird, the City of Peace, and the City of Light.

    Machu Picchu and associated ruins are located on a series of energetic nodes, providing easier access to higher dimensional intelligence.

    Tiara shares the significance of Machu Picchu as a nodal point of the planetary Crystalline Grid, likened to a central power station of the new Earth energy that is supporting our evolution.

    Built in the 15th century and later abandoned, Machu Picchu is renowned for its sophisticated stone walls that fuse huge blocks without the use of mortar.

    Its intriguing buildings play on precise astronomical alignments and panoramic views.

    Its exact use by the Incas remains a mystery, although many feel that this was a great spiritual sanctuary due to its many temples and extreme remoteness.


Birthplace of the Incas

  • Our initiation would not be complete without a trip to Lake Titicaca,  the world’s highest navigable lake.

    This special body of water sits at 12,500 feet above sea level in the Andes Mountain range, located on the border of both Peru and Bolivia.

    According to Incan lore, the god Viracocha rose from  Lake Titicaca to create the world. This gave meaning to Lake Titicaca  as the “birthplace of the Incas”, and whose spirits returned to their origin in the lake upon death.

    By travelling on its blue transparent waters, you can feel the immensity. Lake Titicaca is the place where astral crystal cities exist. Its islands and surrounding temples can connect us to these etheric centers of illumination.

    * We will journey to a very special island known for its mystical power. This includes a peak experience at the temple site of Pachamama, dedicated to the feminine and masculine aspects of the universe.

    * Our travels take take us to the heart of the lake, where the Quechua people live and create their traditional weaving art. This is a beautiful time to connect with the ancestors and share our gifts with the native children.

    * This enlightening pilgrimage takes us to many spiritual vortexes and dimensional doorways in and around Lake Titicaca.

    In all of these places, we will meditate together to receive the multidimensional energies of initiation.



  • The Incan Empire is undoubtedly one of the most admired of ancient civilizations.

    It flourished in the Andean region of South America from the early 1400s up until its conquest by the Spanish in the late 1500s.

    While short lived, they  left us with much evidence of their remarkable technological, social and spiritual achievements.

    The Incas were deeply spiritual and  considered themselves to be the “children of the sun”.

    Knowing that they came from light, the word Inca, means child of the sun.

    The sun was their source of power and the ‘life giving presence’ that appeared every day to bring light and warmth to the crisp air of the high Andes.

    Pachakuti, the legendary illumined Incan leader, prophesied in the transitional period of the last cosmic cycle, “I will go away, but when I return, I will be millions.”

    Indeed, this pilgrimage in the land of the Inca just might bring great meaning to the phrase…

    “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for!”

As we visit some of these magical places in Peru, we will have the opportunity to feel and experience how this ancient civilization viewed their relationship with the forces of creation.

This includes their connection to the powers of nature, the forces of the elements and with their own masculine and feminine natures.

Our experiences in the Andes and with each other is intended to inspire a renewed commitment to our spiritual path and divine purpose.

Hopefully, we will gain a deeper understanding of what it means to live in balance with nature and with the knowing that we are one with it all.


  • Tiara Kumara, facilitator of the Children of the Sun Peru Pilgrimage



    As the founder of I AM Avatar, Tiara expresses as a spiritual teacher, author and initiator of the new consciousness.

    Her teachings are presented on a platform of spiritual initiation and self-mastery through divine principles.

    She is known for her uniquely transformative retreats and group experiences and has facilitated numerous programs in many places of the world.

    Serving in the role of our pilgrimage initiator…
    * Tiara will continually guide us inwards on this multidimensional journey to expand the self and ascend our vibration.
    * She will help us establish and sustain highest alignment with the spiritual presence of Peru.
    This includes the natural world, the many beings of light, the planetary unity grid, the Peruvian crystalline field as well as our own.

    A powerful “containing matrix” from this divine coherence will be built to hold, support and activate us while journeying.

    We will also encode our personal crystals for post pilgrimage use. This will help us integrate and sustain the higher vibrations experienced on the Andean Master Path.

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  • Mallku Aribalo, facilitator of the Children of the Sun Peru Pilgrimage



    Mallku is a warrior of light in this generation, with passion and devotion in promoting awareness, accuracy and clarity in all areas of research of Andean culture.

    He has been studying the power places of the Andes for many years and is an intuitive expert in the understanding and translation of the esoteric knowledge within Andean archaeo-­astronomy.

    Mallku has uncovered significant discoveries about these geo-magnetic forces and their planetary significance.

    Throughout our pilgrimage…
    * Mallku leads us on an enlightening journey from sacred sundials and dimensional portals, to healing springs and celestial mountains.
    * Many ceremonies of initiation will be con-ducted in these highly charged spaces.
    * He will share with us ancient initiations and shamanic experiences revealed by the sages in the Andes Mountains.

    With his extensive knowledge, Mallku brings us convincing evidence of a time in Andean history when indigenous ancestors of Peru lived and celebrated deep conscious connection and interdependency with the Earth and Cosmos.

    With their foresight and compassion, these Sages left a traceable path for future generations.

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