Blueprinting Integration


Empower your blueprint transformation

through integrative follow-up with Tiara Kumara

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The primary focus of the integrative follow-up is upon practical application of the multidimensional teachings in your daily life. This includes additional teachings and many areas of rhythmic entrainment including monthly affirmations, meditative exercises and contemplation.

All of this comes in the form of email correspondence, downloadable materials and podcast sharings.

You will also have access for Q&A with Blueprinting Creator, Tiara Kumara.

  • Practical Integration

    Practical insights are offered to help in the direct application of the Avatar Blueprinting teachings in daily life.

  • Entrainment

    You will employ affirmations, silent meditation and sustained contemplation to assist in entraining yourself to the higher frequency of your evolved human design.

  • Daily Attunement

    Media support is delivered to assist your attunement to Divine Presence as an integral part of your daily practice. 

Q&A with Tiara

  • Tiara Kumara delivers the monthly teachings and trainings for each blueprinting session.

    Avatar Blueprinting Creatress

    In this Avatar Blueprinting series, Tiara delivers the monthly teachings, activations and integrative trainings for each blueprinting session.

    For students registered for the integration portion, she is available for personal questions through email.


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