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Meditations to support your transition
into Avatar Intelligence


  • I AM the Creator

    I-am-creatorThe evolving soundscape guides you on a beautiful journey into your eternal, Creator Self while bridging Heaven and Earth within you.
    (30 min.) $9.99

  • Living the Mind of Brilliance

    omnipresence-b copy 2You are opening the crystalline seal of perception by restoring your original, more intelligent thought structure as one with your Higher Mind. (30 min) $9.99

  • Born to be a Mystic

    I-am-creatorFrom the realms of light comes the vaster consciousness, that is, your Higher Self. This audio helps you to open the portals of perception to meet this brilliance. (30 min.) $9.99

  • Simultaneous Existence

    I-am-creatorYour perceptions are shifting away from linearity and into a “timeline fusion” to understand that everything is happening simultaneously. $9.99

  • I AM Presence

    bodyThis is a guided journey to your heart of stillness and as one with All That Is. (30 min) $9.99

  • The Event Horizon

    reflectThe seals of perception are opening! Through the power of your thoughts, you can forego the life that has been bound by time and move into the multi-dimensional landscape that you truly live. $9.99

  • Synchronicity Hologram

    jaqDear Avatar, you are now rewriting your life’s script, switching the dial to another program. You are entering into the Gaia matrix of synchronicity.
    (30 min) $9.99

  • Archetype of the White Magician

    I-am-creatorThis beautiful transmission helps you to shift dimensions, as you learn how to change the channel to the program that you want to see.
    (30 min.) $9.99

  • Time Transcendence I

    I-am-creator This transmission gives support to your changing definitions of time so that you can ultimately break through the barriers of limitation in the reality that you currently exist. $9.99

  • Time Transcendence II

    bodyRelease yourself from the code of time by understanding that the totality of your consciousness is experiencing many parallel realities, simultaneously. $9.99