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    Blueprinting Creator, Trainer & Activator
    Founder:   I AM Avatar
    Producer: GuidedAudioMeditations.com

    Avatar Blueprinting with Tiara Kumara features monthly teachings, activations and integrative trainings.

    In the activations, she works with the frequency of pure light and transfers this light as encoded intelligence.

    Blueprinting works in partnership with your conscious intent and divine guidance channels. The amount of energy received and integrated will be aligned to your highest good in this now moment of your path of ascending consciousness.

    Tiara serves as a spiritual teacher and divine channel whose soul purpose is to assist humanity’s shift into the new blueprint of unified awareness. Her global work has profoundly assisted countless lives in spiritual awakening and consciousness transformation.

Avatar Blueprinting with Tiara Kumara



“I am here to guide you and inspire you, however, you are the one that will do the direct realizing for yourself. The quality of results will be determined by your steadfast commitment and determination.”

Avatar Blueprinting is an intensive program of spiritual advancement that supports our next level vibrational upgrade.

Together, we are building out our advancing blueprint and its sustaining matrix for the multidimensional human expression.

This is a year-long activational series that focuses extensively on manifesting the evolved human design and its expanding lens of perceptual awareness and outer service.

The highest purpose of Avatar Blueprinting is to help you ascend into your highest vibrational potential. This gives valuable support to the creation of a sustainable foundation from which to thrive in all creative life endeavor.

Your great Divine Presence is ultimately in charge as it works in tandem with your powerful intentions for advancement.