What is Avatar Blueprinting?

Avatar Blueprinting is an extensive program of spiritual advancement that supports our next level vibrational upgrade. Together, we are building out our advancing blueprint and its sustaining matrix for the multidimensional human expression.

This is a year-long activational series that focuses extensively on manifesting the evolved human design and its expanding lens of perceptual awareness and service.

The highest purpose of Avatar Blueprinting is to help you ascend into your highest vibrational potential. This gives valuable support to the creation of a sustainable foundation from which to thrive in all creative life endeavor.

Your great Divine Presence is ultimately in charge as it works in tandem with your powerful intentions for advancement.

What is included in this program?

Each Avatar Blueprinting focus is delivered at the beginning of the month and comes with teachings/trainings, activations and media support. Optional integration  is also offered.

You will receive illuminating discourse teachings that share in great detail on each of the Blueprinting topics. These high level teachings are delivered as a downloadable Mp3 audio file.

These teachings also deliver masterful training in many aspects of your evolving multidimensionality. You are being trained to live and perceive from a completely different set of guiding principles.


* Teachings/trainings with downloadable media
* Live Blueprinting activation session in group formation
* Guided audio transmission
* Optional integration follow-up

What are the activations?


Choose a time to receive: 8 am, 3 pm, 8 pm ET (New York)

Monthly activations give great support to your blueprinting intentions. These are sessions of remote energy transference that deliver a great boost to your ascending vibration.

These are sessions of remote energy transference facilitated by the program’s creator, Tiara Kumara. Tiara  is a spiritual initiator and conduit for Divine Source, intuitively receiving and transferring to you on many levels. She activates through high frequency vibration transferred through her energy field and heart/mind intention focused with you.

The activations work in partnership with your conscious intent and divine guidance channels. We are magnetizing to us this stream of divine initiating light to charge and amplify this developmental focus into our lives.

The amount of energy received and integrated is always aligned to your highest good. This activational energy marries with your personal intentions and subsequent actions for upshift.

How do I receive the activations?

* Come to the live broadcast which airs prior to the Sunday activation. During this broadcast, Tiara Kumara shares about the Blueprinting focus of development and then you will go right into the activation session.

* The activation is “off-air”. Choose a quiet space where you will be uninterrupted for this 30-minute activation.

* Before the session starts, please ground and prepare your body to receive. Cleansing is recommended.

* Sit or lie down comfortably and enter meditative space.

* Attune to your great Divine Presence and greater self… affirm your intentions to receive the initiation and then go into meditative state.

* The idea is to quiet the mind and body and attune to the incoming frequencies. You may listen to the accompanying transmission via the audio recording.

* Keep coming back to the gentleness of your breath while affirming your sacred intention for this invitation.

What does the integration include?

Integration supports the embodiment of your expanding Avatar Blueprint. Practical guidance is shared on integrating your developing multidimensional expression in daily life.

The integrative follow up encourages Rhythmic Entrainment to assist effective grounding and assimilation of your expanding self-realizations.

This includes affirmations, meditative exercises, additional teachings and Q&A with Tiara Kumara.

Who can participate?

Avatar Blueprinting is specifically developed for those who are already awakened and who are dedicated to their path of spiritual advancement.

This program best serves those souls who are authentically ready to resurrect their life into a completely new system of energy.

What are the dates and times?

Each focus of the 2020 Avatar Blueprinting will come to you at the beginning of each month. (There is no blueprinting in the month of July.)

The activation sessions take place the first Sunday of each month.

Integration follow up occurs during each month of the Blueprinting module.


Avatar Blueprinting