Activating your Skillsets of Evolution through live training
with Tiara Kumara and Shipibo Shamans

May 4 ~ 22, 2018

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This is, without a doubt, one of the most transformational programs available today for the deep plunge into the recesses of consciousness to clear separating patterns while simultaneously activating your expanded Divine-Human blueprint and greater abilities. Every single person that emerges from this program describes it unequivocally as, “a life changing experience”.

Most participants experience a major energy field recalibration and a profound internal consciousness shift. It is a powerful shamanic play of reflection, one after another.This undertaking is for the courageous ones who can handle facing the mirror of the self in the full nakedness of being, all within the intimacy of a supportive group field. We go very deep and very wide to enable transformative shift on multi-levels. This type of experience usually takes at least 6 months or more to integrate.

  • QUALIFICATION ~ This program is for applicants who are spiritually awake and with great desire to expand into greater soul potential. We are moving into higher vibratory levels of  consciousness perception. It is an acceleration that requires you to be strong, in good health and with no medical conditions.


  • The camp is a several hour boat ride on the winding Amazon River and its tributaries.

  • Amazon style lodge housing includes thatched roof casitas and mosquito netting beds.

You will be thoroughly inspired to be in the Jungle with Tiara for 15 days while undergoing an intense training that deeply purifies and greatly accelerates your consciousness shift. Tiara received the vision to build this highly specialized Avatar Training camp during her own shamanic program in 2011. Since 2012, she has led nine expeditions and more than 100 people through this high level transformation program.

  • Going beyond the Veil

    Tiara Kumara built this highly specialized training camp in 2011/2012 complete with lodging casitas, a kitchen and a 12-sided ceremonial temple. This project was funded through the non profit, Children of the Sun Foundation.


    • Through a mix of high vibration programming, you will go beyond the veil while activating your expanded sensory channels and multidimensional perception.

    • A highly specialized “shamanic dieta” from food and plants will prepare the body and nervous system for the powerful knowledge and expansion of consciousness.

    • Medicinal plant intelligence combined with a high frequency energy container safely guides you into deep purification and to help access the cloistered spaces that are hidden from your conscious awareness.

    • You will see, understand and remove held illusions of the mind and understand why emotional instabilities still remain and dictate your life.

    • New conscious perceptions will be realized and your greater potential to lead others will be unlocked.

    • This is an amazing opportunity to commune very tangibly with the Unified Field of intelligence.

  • Activating your Greater Abilities

    Throughout this jungle program, Tiara is teaching several aspects of her course offerings from Morphogenesis and The Skillsets of Evolution.

    You will be initiated into your higher sense perception and abilities. This comes live and as a direct personal experience with the unified field! It is a powerful shamanic outplay each and every day.

    This is supported by various forms of body movement, meditative exercises, and artistic expression to help integrate all activation.

    We will also exercise the “power of command” through daily voice practice with sacred chanting, decrees, invocation and affirmations.


Powerful Plant Medicines Support your Initiation

The Amazon Rainforest in South America is the world’s greatest natural resource… the most powerful and bio-actively diverse natural phenomenon on the planet.

For thousands of years, the traditional shamans and healers of the Amazon Rainforest have been working with some of the most remarkable plants which have powerful medicinal and psycho-spiritual properties. The plants can show us our held illusions that keep us from fully integrating multidimensionality and taping into the great universal field of consciousness.

Through an intense focus with various plant medicines, we are activating new levels of consciousness and possibly new DNA sequencing as a result of our total merging with the Amazonian spiritual presence.

The following plants are the transforming teacher-healer plants of ancient Amazonia that we will be working with. They offer very special gifts of spiritual healing, cleansing, communion and knowledge as we approach them with complete openness. It is the mix of these plants that is most important aspect of this extraordinary program, the one and only of its kind in the world.

The Sacred Medicinal Plants in our Program

  • Sara Cura constantly nurtures the nervous system and gently communicates through the dream state. This is Juni, our plant master and Casa Shipiba leader.

    To soothe and stabilize the Energetic System

    The medicine of this plant is a thin layer of pink skin located between the outer and inner layers of bark. It is a most delicate process of extraction, so characteristic of the gentleness of this powerful plant spirit that helps to ground, stabilize and calm our energy.

    This plant is an amazing discovery that was gifted to our Shipibo plant master, Juni, by the supreme plant intelligence of Ayahuasca. Juni was shown, in full clarity, the leaf of Saracura, exactly where to find it in the jungle and how it should be prepared to produce the desired effects. (You will not find this one sold on store shelves.)

    We found the Saracura plant to greatly assist in calming and seemingly to recalibrate the nervous fostering a deep sense of tranquility, heightened clarity and a pure presence of being. In the prototyping work we did from the past groups, this plant helped to balance emotions and heal the pain body.

    We are take part to go into the jungle to gather and then prepare this sacred plant for our group work.

  • UNA DE GATO (red)
    To boost your Immunity during the program

    Uña de Gato, “cat’s claw”, is a thorny vine reputed to be a remarkably powerful immune system booster and effective in treating a wide array of maladies including cancer, systemic candidiasis, herpes and AIDS. Touted as the ‘Miracle Herb from the Rainforest’, Uña de Gato is another universal plant healer that has been drawing increasingly more interest among the proponents of natural health care.

    The inner bark and blood, or, the life force of this vine has been used for generations by the natives to treat colds, viral infections, arthritis, wounds, skin disorders, tumors, to name a few. It has anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and blood cleansing properties as well as being able to clean out the entire intestinal tract.

    There are different varieties of this plant. We are focusing with Una de Gato “red” to especially boost our immunity during this powerful energetic gprogram. We cut, prepare and drink this every day as a concentrated tea.

  • From a plant spirit or shamanic perspective, Una de Gato helps restore the inner sacred union of spirit and physical body.

  • We are using Ayahuasca as a powerful tool to support our morphogenesis. As an embodied plant deva, this cosmic intelligence helps us heal from the human enigma and fast track our progress into illumined understanding.


    To cleanse and activate the entire Body, Psyche and Soul

    Prized by the native people as the ‘Great Medicine of the Forest’ and used for millennia for purposes of healing, divination and unity consciousness, Ayahuasca is a supreme plant intelligence that elicits profound transformation.

    Growing like DNA, it has its own unique cosmology, its own language and its own way of healing and transforming that is beyond this world and definitely beyond the mind. This master teacher plant is a gift from both Mother Earth and our star lineage to transform our human consciousness and ways.

    This mother vine and power teacher plant continues to assist countless numbers of people to heal traumas, health conditions, mental and emotional instabilities, entire genetic lineages, solve perplexing situations, download cutting edge information and creativity, activate DNA and so, so, so much more. Ayahuasca assists us to learn how to traverse into other dimensions of percpetion, how to navigate the underworld and to how work with other types of energies that are not easily accessed from everyday consciousness.

    Our work and intention with this most loving teacher plant is timeless allowing for the opening of highly expanded states of awareness. From this space, she teaches us how to access other dimensional states of perception through intention alone. She guide us into experiences of the heart to reveal what is truly inside in order to illuminate the God within.

    We will focus in the ancestral ceremonial tradition of this Mother plant as a “healing and transformative medicine”, guided by the Shipibo ayahuasqueros (medicos) and their healing icaros. The classic Ayahuasca medicine of the Peruvian Amazon is made by combining the ayahuasca vine and the leaves of chacruna, again, the interlocking properties of the two that creates the powerful synergistic effect. We will all participate in its preparation.

We are guided by Shipibo Shamans

In the Upper Peruvian Amazon
8 hours by boat from Iquitos, Peru

During our time in the Amazon, we are hosted by “CASA SHIPIBA”, a special Shipibo family and their supporting pueblo village, San Jose. The Shipibo are an indigenous people living along the banks and tributaries of the Amazon River. The name refers to their spoken language which dates back to the Inca Empire. Their spoken language with us is in Spanish.

Known to be the “Master Ayahuasqueros” of the Amazonian rainforest, the Shipibo are shamanically based people, deeply influenced by the power of the plants, animals and natural elements.

With strong identity to their ancient ways, the Shipibos are noted for a rich and complex cosmology which is tied directly to their jungle lifestyle including the art and artifacts they produce. Their designs are interpretations of cosmic beliefs, believing that jungle rivers follow the same course as stars and constellations. The Shipibo obtain these designs from the spirit world where the pattern is produced inside the head by vibrations, often associated with specific spirit songs called “icaros”.

Always happy and calm, the people of this San Jose pueblo take very good care of us as we live their lifestyle to the fullest… very simply and being in a peaceful tune with the natural world.

Our Work Helps fund the Livelihood of a local Amazonian Village

Our work is helping to fund an entire village with their basic essential needs such as food, clothing, home repair, continual camp improvements, motor fuel for their boats, etc., we take extra care to insure that the village, shamans and workers are adequately paid.

Tips and practical gifts for the children are highly encouraged.

The local women also make and sell beautiful Shipibo tapestries, clothing, jewelry, fans and really cool shamanic things that will be for sale while you are at the camp. This is another excellent way to give extra financial support.


Interviews with Tiara Kumara and Christof Melchizedek, Facilitators of the Avatar Training Camp