Session Preparation

Our Next Session of Empowerment
Sunday, February 26, 2017


  • February Special Focus ~ Cellular Regeneration


  • All sessions involve spiritual activation and energy clearing to assist your perceptual shifts. This Empowerment will greatly initiate your transition into a complete sense of freedom from the human program of limitation.

    February’s session prepares you for a great expansion of consciousness to occur in this powerful year. It initiates energetic detox and regeneration of your body’s energetic system at the cellular level to give you a clean slate from which to progress forward. Facilitation focus includes transmutation of unhealthy bacteria, infections, toxins, heavy metals; nervous system recalibration; purification of the body’s water, blood and lymph and improving levels of alkalinity.

How to Receive the Empowerment

Download: Session Guidelines
This is the same PDF that came with your registration.

These are session of remote energy transference. You go into meditation in a quiet place and we are channeling the energy to you. (This is not an audio recording.)

* Choose a quiet space such as your bedroom or other comfortable ground where you will be uninterrupted for this 30-minute session.

* Before the session starts, we encourage you to shower or bathein salt water prior to the session. This helps to ground, clear and prepare your body to receive.

* Lie down comfortably on your bed or padded floor, on your back, keeping the spine straight. You can also assume a meditative position. Remain in this free flow position.

* Attune to the Divine Presence and the totality of your greater self. Call in your spiritual guidance system.

* Affirm your intentions for desired change and then go into meditative state..

* If you have music or are listening to an audio, please keep it soft and gentle. The idea is to quiet the mind and body and attune to the incoming frequencies..

* Please breathe slowly through the nose and into the abdomen. Keep coming back to the breath while affirming your sacred intention for this session.

The Facilitators will follow up with you soon with a session review and further guidance.

(3) Session Times – Choose one or do all

  • 8am, 3pm and 8pm (synchronized to New York, USA)

    Choose one or all times to receive this session and as this correlates with your home time zone. We do not need to know your chosen time because the Facilitators actually transfer to you at all of these times.
    Go to Time Clock Conversion >>

    Optional Time!

    Any hour after 8 am New York
    If you cannot make the coordinated times, and, if you have experience in receiving “remote energy transference”, you may receive this transference any hour after 8am New York. More Details >>

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Understanding DNA Activation and Energy Reprogramming

The following two recordings give some good review on what DNA is and what we are doing to “re-program” our perceptual energy. These both are from the third module of the Morphogenesis program, Opening the Seal of Encodment.