Sacred Expeditions


Activating your Skillsets of Evolution through live training with Tiara Kumara  and Shipibo Shamans

“Casa Shipiba” in Northern Peru
(A specialized, custom built Avatar training camp)
May 4 ~ 22, 2018

This is one of the most transformational programs available today for the deep plunge into the recesses of consciousness to clear separating patterns while simultaneously activating your expanded Divine-Human blueprint and greater abilities. Every single person that emerges from this program describes it unequivocally as , “a life changing experience”.

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An Extraordinary Spiritual Adventure trekking in the Mystical Land of Nepal

The Annapurna Range
October 20 ~ November 3, 2017

This is a powerful trekking adventure to soak in the sacred energies of the Himalayas in central Nepal. You will be initiated into indescribable spiritual strength as you intimately commune with the raw power of Mother Nature and her elements amidst glistening glaciers and gushing waterfalls, verdant valleys, exotic villages and the Nepalese diverse culture.

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Activating the Avatar Consciousness through Egyptian temple initiations. Featuring The Particle Convergence Transmission from the King’s Chamber.

August 10 ~ 23, 2017

We are undergoing great initiation as we journey through the ancient Egyptian temples during the time of the Particle Convergence dimensional merge and timeline reset. This extraordinary journey takes us to some of the most astonishing Star Temples that exist on our planet, rich with extraordinary mystery, and yet, ready to yield their essence to us.

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