October 20 ~ November 3, 2017
19 participants will be selected.



The Initiation: Self Realizing Omnipresence and your Greater Self


  • It is on this trekking adventure that you will be initiated into a deep and direct experience of oneness and the single binding unity behind the diversity in all that exists. This expedition delivers  an advanced spiritual initiation to further develop your ability to be omnipresent as one with your Greater Self. You will experience this high level of coherence, first hand and up close, through the backdrop of the spectacular energy of the enchanted Himalaya mountains.

    As your group leaders and initiators, Tiara and Akasha will guide you, deeper and deeper into coherence with your totality and greater intelligence. This trekking experience can be regarded as a sacred pilgrimage into the self and to empower your greatest gifts and talents. They will impart their wisdom each day as well as deliver activations to open your awareness into the expanded dimensions that reflect who you really are as a being of great magnificence and fortitude.

    This is not an easy trek and challenges will come up, guaranteed. This is to be expected. The highest purpose of this group and our collective initiation is in the mastery of energy and to keep perfecting the personality body and its  responses, reactions and systems of belief. We can be rest assured that all that occurs will be a divinely orchestrated and synchronous outplay of purposeful activity.

    At the peak elevation of our grand experience, we will transfer out our actualized accomplishments and self realizations during a global event, THE ONENESS TRANSMISSION. Thousands of people from around the world will meditate to connect in to our group field and to receive our remote energy transference through the planetary crystalline grid of light.

Applicants with Excellent Health

*** Selection of participants will be based on a pre-screening questionnaire. ***

Please apply if you are in excellent health. You will be initiated into indescribable spiritual strength as you intimately commune with the raw power of Mother Nature and her elements.  Applicants must be in excellent health.

We are walking in high altitude. You must be able to walk up to 7 hours a day including up and down hills and many rocked-in steps. This trek is classified as “moderate” so that means in between easy and difficult. You must be strong inwardly and with good muscular strength in your legs, buttocks and low back.

It is highly suggested to prepare beforehand to get in great cardiovascular and muscular shape.

Travel Dates

Participants are required to arrive in Kathmandu on October 20, 2017 and no later than 4 pm. This will give you time to acclimate from a long flight and be ready for a full next day in Kathmandu for trek preparation.

This will include getting all of our supplies organized including the purchase of anything you may need such as specialized trekking gear. Kathmandu has it all and is such a fun city to be in with a group.

Return flights can be booked at any hour on the day of November 3, 2017.

  • Price

    The cost of this Himalayan Trekking Adventure: $3500.

    Once your application gets accepted a deposit of $1200 is required to secure your position on the expedition team.

    1. First deposit of $1200 due upon application approval.
    2. Second $1200 is due by July 1, 2017
    3. Balance of $1100 is due by September 15, 2017

    Refund Policy: If you should cancel after payments are made, full refunds, less a $50 administrative fee, will be made if another person fills your position.

    Price Includes:

    * All airport/hotel transfers
    * 3 nights accommodation (twin sharing) in Kathmandu
    (Bread & Breakfast, 4 star standard hotel with spa services)
    * 2 nights accommodation (twin sharing) in Pokhara with breakfast
    (Bread & Breakfast, 4 star standard hotel with spa services)
    * All lodging during the trek in Nepali tea houses
    * Kathmandu-Pokhara round trip air fare and airport tax
    * Jomsom-Pokhara one way air fare and airport tax
    * All meals during the trek (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner)
    * Gov. licensed and well trained English speaking trekking guide
    * Sherpa porters to carry luggage (2 trekkers:1 porter)
    * Sleeping bag and duffle bag, if needed for the trek
    * All trekking permits and a comprehensive medical kit

    * You are sharing a room with someone else in the group. Private rooms are  available for $350 extra.

    Price Excludes:

    * Nepal arrival visa
    * Extra drink and snacking expenses during trek
    * Meals in the city except breakfast
    * Tips
    * Travel insurance that covers trip cancellation and helicopter evacuation (We are asking everyone to have medical evacuation insurance and you can get this inexpensively through World Nomads)

    More information and specific program details, such as logistical info and what to pack, will be provided upon approval of your application.


Tiara Kumara, Group Leader

Full Bio Here

Due to the overwhelming positive results of this very trek in which she sojourned alone with only a guide, Tiara returns to lead a group expedition in the very footsteps that she was guided.

Tiara is a multifaceted educator whose global work and educational offerings has profoundly assisted many lives in spiritual awakening and consciousness transformation. Empowered by the teachings of some of the greatest spiritual masters, Tiara has endured impressive training for her role as an evolutionary facilitator and one that brings a high degree of integrity and stamina to the work.

For a full decade, she traveled non stop around the world taking in-depth spiritual initiations that challenged her deepest fears including the fear of death. From solo pilgrimages high into the Himalayas to sojourns deep into the Amazon Jungle, Tiara knows what spiritual purification means and what is necessary to be free from the ego’s hold.

Akasha Sananda, Group Leader

Full Bio Here

Akasha is a Spiritual Mentor, Healer and Yogi. Known as a ‘Liberator’, he has attained spiritual liberation under the mentorship of the Himalayan yogi Babaji Nagaraj.

Akasha continues to be contacted by Babaji and two other Himalayan Rishi’s known as Boganathar and Agastya. These Masters are highly evolved immortal beings, who have transcended gross matter and are the pure embodiment of source consciousness.

High initiation from the Rishi’s led Akasha around the world to learn many sacred traditions and ancient wisdom while uncovering hidden truths. His mission is to humbly serve and assist humanity in becoming fully realized and to obtain liberation as free, sovereign beings.

Gary Gottselig, Logistics

As your logistic manager for this trek, Gary comes with excellent organizational and communications skills to assist your ease and grace into this trekking adventure.

He has formally served as Director of Spiritual Activism for Children of the Sun Foundation while successfully launching several global campaigns. He began his career as an executive administrator, for Omni Film Productions, one of Canada’s most successful independent film companies. Gary also served in an administrative role with the Vancouver Foundation, a prestigious community foundation which provides funding to charities and non-profits.

For the last two years, Gary has been traveling internationally on an initiatory journey fully inspired by intuition and synchronicity. He was guided to New Zealand, Australia, Bali, Vietnam, Thailand and several countries in Europe, which included a beautiful trek through the French Alps.