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blissDOWNLOAD: The Code of Bliss
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Bliss is your birthright! You are encoding your cellular matrix with the white light of bliss to illumine a clear path back to the totality of self. (30 min)

This is an I AM Avatar complimentary audio included in the  program of Morphogenesis.

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MORPHOGENESIS is a highly ecstatic transformational experience designed to accelerate your transition into an evolved blueprint referred to as, the Avatar Consciousness. An Avatar is recognized as a sort of ‘superhuman’ due to the actualized supernal knowledge and mastery over the human program. We are opening the biological ‘Crystalline Seals’ through a series of  synergistic unlocking  mechanisms purposed to activate dormant DNA encoding. This entails a systematic process of release from the main carnal blocks that keep us bound to the limiting story.

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60 podcast episodes, a Podcast APP and easy email navigation