May 4 ~ 22, 2018
with 4-day extension to Cusco and Machu Picchu



Applicants must be in Excellent Health

*** Selection of participants will be based on a pre-screening questionnaire. ***

You are undergoing an intense training and accelerated activation. This will result in deep purification simultaneous with a great expansion of consciousness into multidimensional perception.

Applicants must be in excellent health and willing to embark on a life-transforming experience. With this shamanic initiation, your belief systems will crumble and the expansion of the mind will reach levels never before imagined.

You can regard this as a boot camp for the soul.

Travel Dates & Considerations

Participants are required to arrive in the eclectic river town of Iquitos, Peru on May 12. The following day we will be transported on an early 6-8 hour boat ride to Casa Shipiba, our camp for the duration of this program.

At this camp, there is no electricity, running water and especially no phones or internet. This is on purpose. Bathing is in the river, we sleep under mosquito nets and we transport in all of our supplies.

We will come out of the jungle May 29 with a return boat to Iquitos. Your soonest flight departure will be May 30.

  • It is super important that, if possible, to allow for some good quality integration time upon your return. This means not to rush right back into the hectic hustle bustle of life. Imagine being in a completely other dimension for two weeks and then coming out to face a more harsh reality. Even noises from loud traffic can be quite disturbing.

  • Price

    The cost of this Expedition and Avatar Training: $2960.

    Once your application gets accepted a deposit of $1000 is required to secure your position on the expedition team.

    1. First deposit of $1000 due upon application approval.
    2. Second $1000 is due by March 1, 2017
    3. Balance of $960 is due by April 12, 2017

    Refund Policy: If you should cancel after payments are made, full refunds, less a $50 administrative fee, will be made if another person fills your position.

    A portion of your fees goes to Children of the Sun Foundation and the Shipibo community. (your payment is tax deductible if a USA resident).

    Participants are responsible for:

    1. Roundtrip airfare to Iquitos, Peru
    2. All of your lodging and food expenses prior to our boat departure.
    3. Any tips to the workers and things you want to buy.

    More information and specific program details, such as logistical info and what to pack, will be provided upon approval of your application.


Tiara Kumara, your Group Leader and Spiritual Initiator

Full Bio Here

You will be thoroughly inspired to be in the jungle with Tiara for 15 days while undergoing an intense training that deeply purifies and greatly accelerates your consciousness shift. Tiara received the vision to build this highly specialized Avatar Training camp during her own shamanic program in 2011. Since 2012, she has led several expeditions and nearly 150  people through this high level transformation program.

Now on her 11th Expedition, Tiara is a multifaceted educator whose global work and educational offerings has profoundly assisted many lives in spiritual awakening and consciousness transformation.  Empowered by the teachings of some of the greatest spiritual masters, Tiara has endured impressive training for her role as an evolutionary facilitator and one that brings a high degree of integrity and stamina to the work.

For a full decade, she traveled non stop around the world taking in-depth spiritual initiations that challenged her deepest fears including the fear of death. From solo pilgrimages high into the Himalayas to sojourns deep into the Amazon Jungle, Tiara knows what spiritual purification means and what is necessary to be free from the ego’s hold.

Athena Melchizedek, Program Mentor and Processor

Athena is a teacher of evolutionary leadership based in unity consciousness and offers programs of personal mastery and management of the human bio-energyfield.

Author of “THE QUANTUM KEYS: Unlock Your Energetic Intelligence” to be published May 2017, she is an internationally experienced business consultant, transformation facilitator, mentor and energy practitioner specializing in remote transmission.

While in the jungle, Athena is serving as your program mentor to assist you through the transformative processes, including deep phases of clearing and release.